3 tips to stop emotional eating (WITHOUT the typical “call a friend” or “take a bath”)

Emotional eating. Let’s talk about it. Do you eat your emotions? Do you want to eat when you feel angry, sad, depressed, tired, bored, disappointed, overwhelmed, underwhelmed…? Or even when you’re happy? Do you identify as an “emotional eater”? Here are my 3 favorite tips to help you put an end to this behavior that is not aligned[…]

~ Nourish Your Roots ~ [6-week LIVE group program] ~ starting July 17!

Are you spinning your wheels when trying to eat and live more healthfully? Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to get started?  Or maybe you try to do everything at once and end up giving up? Over the 11+ years of experience I have working with clients as a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and[…]

I was using food as a BAND-AID for everything that wasn’t going well in my life.

It was all gone within few minutes. This whole bag of chocolate chips that I had planned to mindfully enjoy throughout the week was all gone. Food had become a BAND-AID for everything that wasn’t going well in my life (read how I broke free below…….!) I really wanted to learn moderation and how to[…]

Are you supplementing with band-aids?

Are these all the supplements you’ve tried so far?” I asked my new client while reviewing her intake form. She had been struggling with bloating, constipation, fatigue, an autoimmune condition, and many other annoying symptoms that had been consuming her in the last few years. “No, they’re all the ones I’m taking now, as recommended[…]

False Want vs True Desire ~ a free mini-training to help you tell the difference and start healing your relationship with food

Hi there! Welcome to Radicata Nutrition! I prepared a free mini-training to help you make the distinction between a false want and a true desire, something that so many of my clients struggle with. This mini-training is for you if you resonates with at least 2-3 of these signs & symptoms. I feel crazy and[…]

Listen to this very vulnerable podcast interview where I share many stories I’ve never told anywhere else before!

I had a fantastic interview on the Beyond the Food Show! If you haven’t checked out this podcast yet, you should. 🙂 This was one of my FAVORITE INTERVIEWS OF ALL TIMES because I was able to be completely honest and vulnerable.I share so many things about my struggles with my relationship with food (from disordered eating[…]