it’s okay to not be okay

it’s okay to not be okayit’s okay to feel sadit’s okay to feel angryit’s okay to feel lostit’s okay to feel confusedit’s okay to feel scaredit’s okay to feel overwhelmedit’s okay to feel it alland it’s okay to not know how you feel give yourself permissiongive the feelings permissionto just beto just movethrough you I[…]

tiny & invisible (a poem on & a message from COVID-19)

a tiny & invisible virus camereached all corners of the earthand fear infected every heartthe rat race stoppedeverything they thought they kneweverything they thought was certainwasn’t anymore it felt like life had stoppedall of society was on lockdowneverything familiar taken awaythe things taken for granted slipping awaythe routines that made them feel like they had everything[…]

~ the sparkles ~

one morning like any other⁣ she woke up & noticed⁣ that colours were brighter⁣ a reflection of all the sparkles⁣ that had appeared in her eyes⁣ mirroring all the stars of the Universe⁣ ⁣ that morning she realized⁣ that the love & freedom⁣ she had been cultivating⁣ within her Self⁣ all of these years⁣ had[…]

it doesn’t interest me

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living and what diplomas you have or don’t have.⁣⁣It doesn’t interest me what size your body is, whether your thighs are thick or you have a thigh gap, whether you have rolls or stretch marks, whether you have skin issues or whether you don’t fit the[…]