February 4, 2017

the Radicata SEED Café

details coming soon!


Hi there!

I’m currently creating brand-new programs to help women heal their relationship with food and their body that will integrate everything I have learned over the years, both on my own journey and while guiding other women walking the same path.

As a sneak peak, I’ll have 3 options for you to ensure that I can help you in a way that works best for you. ALL of my programs are 100% ONLINE.

Here they are:

  • the Radicata SEED Café (monthly membership)
  • the Radicata SEED Group Classes (4-mo program)
  • the Radicata SEED 1:1 Coaching (4-mo program)

I should release the details later this month (February 2017).

Stay tuned, I can wait to share them with you!

And while you’re here, I suggest you sign up for my free upcoming online training called “The Whole Batch Syndrome.” Click on the link to see if you have the symptoms! 🙂