February 1, 2014



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The blue bookDigestive Health with REAL Food” has commonly been referred to as the “digestion bible” and contains a lot of information about everything you know about digestion, practical charts and food lists and step-by-step instructions on how to implement your own elimination diet to discover the way of eating that is best suited for your boy.

The brown bookDigestive Health with REAL Food: the Cookbookis meant to be a companion to the blue book “DHwRF” by providing over 100+ recipes to help you add more diversity and nutrition to your elimination diet or simply to help you adopt an anti-inflammatory, gut-friendly and nutrient-dense way of eating.

My book DHwRF, commonly referred to as the "digestion bible" ;)

My book DHwRF, commonly referred to as the “digestion bible” 😉


The DHwRF cookbook, companion to the “digestion bible” 😉










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  • i am always eager in reading now on gut health. How an unhealthy gut is related to different ailments within the systems of the body. i am interested on your research within this topic and how i can better help myself and others in learning and relaying this information, of course with the use of the Plexus Products i now use and so many other people are using.

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