Body & Mind Dialogue. Who’s making it complicated?

Body: I’m hungry.

Mind: but it’s only 10am.

Body: But I’m hungry.

Mind: But we ate a good breakfast.
It should be enough for the whole morning.

Body: It was good but today I’m hungry. I’m hungry now.

Mind: But why? Is it your hormones? Are you trying to trick me? Is this just another excuse to eat again?

Body: No, I’m just hungry. I don’t know why. I just need some food right now.

Mind: But I don’t understand why you keep making this so difficult… we said no snacks. I perfectly balanced your breakfast and calculated the perfect macro ratios for your lunch. Why do you have to make this so complicated?

Body: Really? I’m just hungry. I just need food. Please. 


Can you relate to this body-mind dialogue?

I used to have it all the time.

It’s time to stop making it so complicated and to stop fighting our own body.
Are you ready to make peace with food and your body?

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Sending you love and many blessings,