February 5, 2017

Aglaée Jacob, MS Nutrition, author x3 ~ bio

Allo ma belle!
Welcome, beautiful soul!

I’m Aglaée.

(it’s pronounced AG-LA-AY
or feel free to can call me AJ).

I’m a coach, an author, a poet, a podcaster, a nature lover, a tree protector, a heart warrior, and a forever seeker on the path of life and I’m dedicated to bringing more nourishment at ALL levels {body + mind + heart + soul} into the world!

But it didn’t start out that way.

My journey has taken me to some dark places AND I can now see that this was all part of the process. I can now see that I was like a seed being planted into the darkness, into the dirt & into the Earth, so that I could grow & bloom. For whoever feels called to MORE, this is an ongoing beautiful & messy journey and I’m committed to this path for the rest of my life.

<< Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried but actually you’ve been planted. >>
~ Christine Caine

Some of the dark phases of my journey lead me here to where I am today after:

  • facing & healing physical health challenges (chronic gut issues, multiple food intolerances, hormonal imbalances, infertility, prediabetes…),
  • recovering from almost 2 decades of a mental health issue (an eating disorder called binge eating disorder which consumed me at all levels),
  • understanding how my heart works, how to feel my feelings, and how to find healing & growth from the messages they bring while learning how to be an empath in the world we live in (without numbing & distracting myself),
  • investing a LOT of time & energy on educating myself both inside and outside of schools (which includes a B.Sc. & a M.Sc. in nutrition and the title of registered dietitian which I had for 15+ years and resigned from in 2021),
  • rewiring my brain to let go of old limiting beliefs, habits, & patterns to create new ways of thinking aligned with what serves me in the long-term,
  • traveling to 25+ countries in a quest to find myself (even though I wasn’t really aware of it, I was trying to escape myself and find myself at the same time),
  • making peace with & re-embodying my beautiful feminine energy after spending most of my life in my masculine energy (doing, doing, doing, achieving, making things happen… which is good but also exhausting if not harmonized with the feminine ~ all humans have both masculine & feminine energy within by the way but that’s a topic for another time),
  • making peace with my body and becoming more EMBODIED after living most of my life from the neck up, inside of my mind & trapped by my own thoughts,
  • remembering who I truly was after all of these years, and
  • stepping into being her FULLY: wise, wild, free, & full of LOVE!!!!!!!!!

It was a  l – o – o – o – n – g  journey .

And many times I didn’t even know what I was doing and where I was going. Many times, I felt exhausted and discouraged. Many times, I just wanted to give up because I felt like I had tried everything and was tired of being disappointed by yet another “failure.”

<< Nourishment is the path to feeling whOle, to feeling home within yourself and within your life, and to being more of the true YOU! >>

My path of nourishment started back in 2009.

I looked everywhere I could. The health & nutrition books. The podcasts. I was sick. Physically & mentally. I didn’t want to live my life this way. And on my journey, I found healing.

<<< Here’s me in 2010 volunteering in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, Ecuador. I was starting to feel really sick. At all levels. Smiling for the picture but I felt like there was a big something missing.

After recovering my physical health, I shared my protocol in the book Digestive Health with REAL Food published in 2013, which has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

That’s me then back in 2013. With my book & trying to be who I thought I needed to be. Trying to find my way on my path. >>>

My body was better overall and I had become a published author but I still felt like there was something missing. And my relationship with food & my body was still very complicated, to say the least.

I knocked on all the doors (health practitioners, coaches, therapists, energy healers…). I pretty much had a full library of books on self-help, personal growth, mindset, healing, and spirituality at that point.

I traveled to many corners of the Earth (25+ countries and countless cities) backpacking, volunteering, and sometimes settling in another country for a year at a time. I even went back to school to start a naturopathic medicine degree.

<<< this is me working & backpacking solo in Italy and many other European countries in 2012 (I was living in München, Germany then).

And I also did all the smudging I could, became a Reiki practitioner by accident (funny story for another time!!! lol), and charged my crystals under the Full Moon every month. I really did everything I could.

No matter how many changes I tried making and no matter where I went, this feeling kept finding me.

This void inside of me kept following me.

I was so thirsty for what was missing.

My heart was hungry.
And my soul was starving.

Many other things happened.

I went on to publishing 2 other nutrition books, I became a mom, I quit naturopathic medicine school halfway through with a lot of debts, I started my online business, I moved a dozen times, I got divorced, and I felt like I started everything from scratch so many times…

There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

There was still something missing.
There was always something missing.

this is me and my 14-mo son living the digital nomad life in Costa Rica in 2015. I had been on my path of nourishment for 5 years already. >>>

Something inside of me was telling me to keep looking.

And in the middle of all of that, I healed. I found lost pieces of myself and put them back where they belonged with love as the glue to hold myself together, as cheesy as it may sound.

In 2016, my path of nourishment took a NEW direction.

>>> Within. <<<

The last place I wanted to go.

I had tried a few times before, believe me, but it was such a SCARY place to venture into.

But it was time. I gathered all of my courage. I asked for help when I needed to. I went to all the places in my heart that I had been avoiding. I found the dim, flickering flame of my soul that had been waiting for me to come back to for so long. I practiced nourishing myself from the inside out, at ALL levels {body + mind + heart + soul}.

… and that’s when she found her way back to whOlness & FULLness.

❤︎ by going back home.

❤︎ by going within.

❤︎ by remembering.

❤︎ by remembering to remember.

It’s hard to find the right words, but it really did feel like a homecoming. The void I felt for so long dissipated and was replaced with a sense of FULLNESS, of feeling whOle. HOME at least. Within my body, with my Self, and in my life.

I had finally re—connected with myself, I had remembered who I truly was, and I’ve been embodying her more and more ever since.

This brings me back to you.

>>> If you’re still reading, I know it’s because you’re also a true seeker.

A seeker of deeper meaning. A seeker of truth. A seeker of MORE.

If you’re here, I know it is because you, too, have felt the void. You, too, have felt like there was something missing.

You, too, have been on a path. And perhaps that path, even without knowing it, was the path of nourishment at ALL levels { body + mind + heart + soul }.

I’m so honored to have you here and to be on this life-long beautiful & messy journey WITH you.

❤︎ your guide: 19 ways to nourish your whOle Self

If you feel like walking with me, I would love to gift you this guide, a map so to speak, with my 19 favorite ways to nourish my whOle Self: body + mind + heart + soul. Because we all need reminders to keep practicing nourishment and keep walking this path.

❤︎ the nourishing podcast

And I also invite you to join me around a cup of coffee, tea, or kombucha for a nourishing discussion to deepen on the journey of nourishment together and not feel so alone on this path anymore.

You can find the nourishing podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and directly on my website here.

>>> Start listening to the nourishing podcast!

Here’s the very first episode if you want to start listening right away!

<< Let the times you realize you’ve forgotten be reminders that you’ve remembered. >>

Oh, and I’d love to connect with you on Instagram if you love hanging out there as much as I do!

And in the meantime, take very good care of yourself. You matter. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to feel whOle. You deserve to feel nourished at ALL levels { body + mind + heart + soul }.

With so much love,

Aglaée ♡ ♡ ♡