Beginning of the Year Ritual ~ bye 2017, hello 2018!

The last year has been a crazy one for so many of us!!!
It certainly was for me and probably for you too if you’re here. 🙂

So many challenges that forced us out of our comfort zone.

So many aha moments about what we no longer want and what we desire to create instead.

So many insights about the masks we no longer want to wear and
the person we truly are and desire to show more of to the world.

What’s on the menu?

During the Begining of the Year RITUAL, an online retreat with me, we’ll go through a series of processes and rituals to let go of 2017. Because we don’t want to encounter the same patterns in 2018, we’ll make sure we extract all of the wisdom we can gain from the last year and release what is no longer serving us. Only then will we be ready to consciously co-create a year that is aligned with our intentions and our Higher Self. 

So here’s what the online retreat “Beginning of the Year Ritual” includes:

Bye bye 2017!

  • Reflection process to look back on 2017 
  • Ritual to release and let go of what is no longer serving you
  • Tool to collect all of the nuggets of wisdom to gain from the last year
  • Celebration ritual to more fully integrate the growth and learning that happened

Hello 2018!

  • Your garden and roadmap for 2018
    • Your garden: your current and future projects of the year
    • The sun: the energy you’ll use to nourish your garden
    • The rain: the good karma you’ll create
    • The moon & stars: the dreams that will keep pulling you forward
    • The butterfly: your wings of support (what you need to feel supported at all levels)
    • Your compass: the words that will guide you in 2018
    • See visual example below!
      • I promise that no artistic skills are needed (template provided). 🙂
  • Activation ritual to start the co-creation process for 2018!


  • A safe container to end 2017 and begin 2018 
  • Online community and direct support from Aglaée 
    • Ask your questions, refine your process, and be witnessed to add power to your retreat
    • Support from Aglaée for 10 days from Dec 29-Jan 7

Create your own garden & roadmap for 2018

My favorite part about this workshop is that you’ll have a visual reminder with your garden and roadmap for 2018 to go back to every week or at least every month during 2018. This roadmap can evolve and change throughout the year but the foundation will remain all year long. 

Rest assured that no artistic skills are needed at all. A template will be provided or you can create your own. This is only for you, not for the Louvres Museum. *wink 🙂 

How does it work?

Sign up here to reserve your spot for only $47 USD.
The online retreat will start on Friday, December 29 until Sunday, January 7.

This means that the content will be available starting on Dec 29, 2017. You can start your retreat anytime during that 10-day period.

You can plan to do 15-20 minutes every day or you can plan a couple of afternoons or a whole day. I suggest planning for about two 3-hour sessions to get the best and fullest experience with your online retreat.

The online support from Aglaée is available for the duration of the retreat between Dec 29 and Jan 7 but you’ll have access to the content until the end of January 2018 in case you need a bit more space to complete your process.

Don’t hesitate to email me at aj @ radicatanutrition dot com if you have any questions!

Who am I?

A bit more about me, Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD (full bio):
I have a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in the science of nutrition with 12+ years of experience as a registered dietitian, and I’m a published author of 3 books and cookbooks (Digestive Health with Real Food).
I’m also:
♥ a self-love guide,
♥ an intuitive energy healer,
♥ an Energy Drawing Certified Practitioner,
♥ a Reiki Practitioner,
♥ a Lunar and a Cyrstal Mystic,
♥ a spiritual & heart warrior.
I healed my chronic gut issues, reversed my PCOS, balanced my hormones and blood sugars, beat my eating disorder, and learned how to feel at home in my body and nourished in my mind, heart, and soul using the tools I now share with my clients. 



Sending much love and many blessings,

Aglaée (AJ) ♥♥♥