~ the sparkles ~

one morning like any other⁣ she woke up & noticed⁣ that colours were brighter⁣ a reflection of all the sparkles⁣ that had appeared in her eyes⁣ mirroring all the stars of the Universe⁣ ⁣ that morning she realized⁣ that the love & freedom⁣ she had been cultivating⁣ within her Self⁣ all of these years⁣ had[…]

it doesn’t interest me

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living and what diplomas you have or don’t have.⁣⁣It doesn’t interest me what size your body is, whether your thighs are thick or you have a thigh gap, whether you have rolls or stretch marks, whether you have skin issues or whether you don’t fit the[…]

How to get unstuck on your gut healing journey (part 4 of 4)

Ready for the final tip of this 4-part series to help you get unstuck on your gut healing journey? This week, let’s talk about what it means to truly reconnect your body especially when you’re ready for the reintroduction phase of an elimination diet. Hint: asking your body directly instead of being stuck in your head[…]

Night Snacking: What is the problem and how to stop it.

::: night snacking ::: Do you struggle with night snacking? I did for a long time. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me, perhaps with my blood sugar metabolism or my hormones, because I just couldn’t not eat at night… And then I figured it out. I finally figured out WHY NIGHT SNACKING[…]