Are you supplementing with band-aids?

Are these all the supplements you’ve tried so far?” I asked my new client while reviewing her intake form.

She had been struggling with bloating, constipation, fatigue, an autoimmune condition, and many other annoying symptoms that had been consuming her in the last few years.

“No, they’re all the ones I’m taking now, as recommended by my natural doctor.” My heart sank. This story keeps repeating itself over and over again but I never get used to it…. (read more)

When I ask my new clients the list of supplements they’re on, half of them are on a list of 10-12 DIFFERENT SUPPLEMENTS.
Some they might not even remember who suggested it and why they’re taking it. But they’re being “good” and keep taking them.

Even though we could argue that it’s best to take 10-12 natural health and dietary supplements compared to the same amount of medications, the end result is that it’s still A LOT OF PILLS… and most of the time, people AREN’T EVEN SURE these SUPPLEMENTS are DOING ANYTHING.

I’ve been there too. With my adrenal fatigue + hormonal imbalances + gut issues + desperately wanting to lose weight,

I’ve taken a ton of different supplements.

I was constantly LOOKING FOR THE NEXT FIX.

I really wanted the supplements recommended by this and that person to work for me.

I really wanted the supplements that the people sharing their success story took so I could be that person too.

I really wanted to fix myself and get rid of all of the things that were wrong with me by popping some natural pills.

Many people are now realizing that MEDICATIONS are just a BAND-AID on our SYMPTOMS and that they don’t help correct the ROOT CAUSE…
… but “natural” supplements can do JUST THE SAME!!!

I’ve seen it time and time again:
★ over-reliance on supplements instead of looking deeper at the roots…
★ feeling like you have to keep trying more and more…
★ feeling like your body is broken…
★ always looking for the next best thing…

But it’s time to press the PAUSE button. Slow down.

HEALING is not like a race. Not even like a marathon.


You have to uncover and untangle the ROOTS of your symptoms, remove whatever toxins are contaminating them and replacing them with foods + habits + beliefs that TRULY NOURISH YOU.

Starting with the roots, then the organs, body systems, and each and every single one of your cells.

This is how true transformation happens.

Are you READY to get to the ROOT of YOUR SYMPTOMS?


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I’m Aglaée Jacob (feel free to call me AJ) and I’m a non-diet dietitian, heart & soul nutritionist, and self-love guide. I’m the founder of Radicata Nutrition, which was inspired by one of my favorite words: roots (Radicata is Latin for roots).

I help women who feel crazy and out of control with food go to the ROOTS of their food + health issues so they feel NOURISHED in their mind, heart, and soul and can finally find PEACE and FREEDOM with food, their body, and their life.

If any of this resonates with you, join me in the Radicata Nutrition Community to watch my FREE mini-course “GET TO THE ROOT OF YOUR SYMPTOMS” starting next week. I hope to see you there! <3