a nourishing meditation & a connection circle

Hi beautiful soul,

How nourished are you feeling?
Like, really? In your body, mind, heart, & soul?

These are intense times and it’s okay to not be okay.
But it’s NOT okay to forget about nourishing yourself.

>>> your body still needs good food, water, sleep, rest, breath, and movement.

>>> your mind
 needs spaciousness & calm and boundaries around information more than ever.

>>> your heart needs to feel it all while staying open and remaining connected to your Self, to others, and to Love by staying grateful for the things that truly matter.

>>> your soul
 needs to connect with nature (whether it’s outside or with a plant inside or just thinking about nature) to remember that while everything seems to have stopped, nature keeps doing her thing and living according to her cycle.

a nourishing meditation

Whether you’ve tried meditating before or not, this is the perfect time to try again or to come back to this practice. 

I recorded a nourishing, grounding and heart-opening meditation just for you. It’s about 24 minutes. Make yourself comfortable and let my words hold you and nourish you.

>>> Here’s the link to this Nourishing Meditation for Intense Times.

calling a connection circle

these are intense times.

isolation. separation. fear.
i feel it spreading all around the planet.
and i know you do, too.

these are intense times.

times to gather and
times to re—connect.
with your Self,
with others,
and with love.

these are intense times.
times to remember.
our true human nature.
our interconnectedness.
the power of love.
our power to love.

these intense times
are our time to rise, together.

join me this Friday @ 7pm ET / 4pm PT to gather around a virtual campfire to connect, be human, share stories, find inspiration & hope, and nourish our whOle Self.

>>> Click on this link here to get access to the meditation and receive the details for the circle.

connection circle Mar 20
connection circle Mar 20

Sending you so much love and many blessings,