9 signs your soul is under-nourished

After talking about your body mind, and heart, the last piece, but definitely not the least, is your soul.

Physical health, mental health, and emotional health are all important and so is spiritual health. Whether you’re religious or not, it doesn’t matter because this has nothing to do with religion.

You can look at the soul as the alignment of your body + mind + heart or you can look at it from a more spiritual perspective remembering that we are spiritual beings having a human experience here on Earth.

Whichever works best for you, here are the 9 signs your soul is in need of more nourishment.

Just as a side note, I don’t believe the soul is ever under-nourished. I do believe that our soul is ALWAYS ok. It’s more our connection to our soul that can become under-nourished and dim.

9 signs your soul is under-nourished

Sign #1. you feel alone & lonely.

This sign can be consicous or more subconscious. I’ve seen it show up in all different shapes & forms in soooooooo many human beings. Some feel alone alone and some feel alone in the middle of other people.

Most people feeling alone & lonely often feel like they’re the black sheep or that others cannot fully see / hear / understand them.

This feeling is rooted in separation. And this is why it is so PAINFUL to feel. Because your soul knows that we’re all interconnected and we’re all one…. but your human Self sometimes has a hard time remembering it because of the different situations & experiences of this physical world.

Feeling alone & lonely is a sign that your connection to your soul is under-nourished.

Sign #2. you feel like you’ve been abandoned and that you’re on your own.

Along the same lines as sign #1, feeling abandonned is another very common one that goes back to the same root of separation.

Whenever our connection with our soul becomes under-nourished and dim, we forget a lot of things and can start experiencing a lot of fear… which either makes us want to GIVE UP (because what’s the point anyway?) or go into OVER-CONTROLLING mode because there’s nobody and nothing to count on.

Just know that you aren’t alone with this one and that nourishing the connection with your soul can bring more ease, peace, and trust back into your life.

Sign #3. you feel dis—-connected from the world.

This goes back to the illusion of separation, which is at the root of so much pain and suffering in this world. Today’s society has us live in individual silos. Each of us doing its own thing. Comparison and competition reinforce this illusion of separation even more.

Most of us don’t even know our neighbors. Most of us have forgotten to smile and talk to the human beings we meet at the stores. Most of us can also get caught up in our own little world. We can be surrounded by people AND feel dis—connected from the whole world at the same time. You know that feeling, right? And it’s okay, this is just what happens when we don’t know how to nourish our connection with our soul.

One is All. All is One. We’re all one. Everything is connected.

Sign #4. you feel like you’re only living your lif eat a surface level and that your life lacks depth.

Sleep, eat, work, commute, pay the bills, repeat.

Is that it? Shouldn’t there be more to life?

We’ve all been there. Now with the COVID pandemic more than ever.

We are all being asked to look at our life in a whole new way and many are coming to this realization that there’s something missing. That they want more.

And even though it can be painful to make that realization, it’s a sign that you’re re—connecting with your soul. With your deepest desires. Stay on the path of nourishment and you will keep gaining more clarity as to the next steps for you to create a life that looks like YOU!

Sign #5. you have a hard time noticing & appreciating the beauty of the little things in people and the world around you.

Life can move very quickly and we can easily get caught-up in long to-do lists which leaves little room for us to notice and appreciate the little things which are SOOOO nourishing for the soul.

And you don’t need for your next trip or for the perfect occasion to do this, your SOUL deeply desires to find beauty every day in the little things that most people don’t notice.

You were born this way. Think of little children. That’s what they do. They’re still so connected to their souls. They just know how to do it naturally. And no matter what age you are now, you can remember, too!

Look around you and start practicing!

Sign #6. you soul is joy-deprived and you don’t really know / remember the things that bring you joy.

Joy. This is such an important nutrient for the soul.

What brings you joy?

For most people, this question is not an easy one to answer. And it’s okay if it’s the case for you, too. But take this as a sign that your soul is in need of MORE joy!!!

If you don’t know where to start, watch a kid exploring something and laughing wholeheartedly, dance in your living room, or surprise a loved one! And see & feel what happens inside of you.

Sign #7. you feel a sense of doom and often feel like the other shoe is going to drop.

Oh, that sense of doom. I felt it for soooo long. And it made it soooo hard for me to find joy, to feel love, to notice beauty, to be present, and to live my life in the way I wanted to!

This sign is definitely a big one indicating that your connection with your soul is under-nourished.

Living in survival mode and fight-or-flight-or-freeze all the time is not only depleting for your body + mind + heart, but it also prevent you from feeling fully alive and living FROM your soul.

You deserve better.
You deserve more.
You deserve nourishment.
You deserve everything.

Sign #8. you don’t laugh as much as you used to.

Notice how easy it is for children to laugh.

And notice how much most adults harden themselves as they grow up and carry so many responsibilities on their shoulders.

Even though I know that life isn’t always easy, it feels so good to not take everything so seriously.

We tend to focus on what goes wrong and we become really good at finding problems. But if you were to think about your final thoughts before you die at the end of your life, do you think you would ever regret not worrying enough or not laughing enough?

Try this:

Sign #9. you feel dis—connected from your spirituality.

Spirituality? What? I don’t need that.

I mean I don’t mean to push spirituality on anyone but I think that being dis—connected from our soul and being dis—connected from our spirituality can prevent us from accessing all the wisdom, love, and depth there is to find in this life!

Spirituality can be as simple as feeling connected to Mother Earth and nature or you can feel a connection to Source, the Universe, Spirit, the Divine, God, or whichever word you prefer. But feeling connected to our soul / Self and feeling connected to something bigger have been integral parts of my healing journey and me feeling more nourished and whOle.

You know what is right for you but don’t dismiss this before giving yourself a chance to explore it like I did for about 2 decades of my life.

Which of these 9 signs do you have?

Comment below! I’m curious to know.

Sending you all so much love,

Aglaée ♥