9 signs your mind is under-nourished

After looking at the body last week, let’s now look at another very important part of you: your mind. (or listen to the podcast episode here)

Your mind is about your mental health & well-being, it’s about your thoughts, it’s about your self-talk, and it’s also about beliefs that may be causing either self-sabotage or allow you to create the life that you desire.

Let’s look at the 9 signs that indicate that your mind is in need of nourishment.

9 signs your mind is under-nourished

Sign #1. you’re always searching for more data and spend a lot of time & energy planning and trying to figure things out.

Raise your hand if you can relate! I’ve been there so many times… with so much information at our fingertips, it’s really easy to fall in a rabbit hole trying to know everything there is to know.

Whether it’s about your health or anything else in your life, I’ve seen that in so many of my clients who end up spending hours doing research to collect data only to feel more confused than they were at the beginning.

And same things with the (over-)planners.

There is nothing wrong with educating yourself and planning but when it becomes excessive, it is a sign that you living in your mind a little too much which can become overwhelming, draining, and confusing. And this can also impact the rest of you: your body + your heart + your soul. This sign can be closely associated with sign #5 below so stay tuned for more.

Sign #2. the majority of your thoughts are about food, your health, your body, and/or trying to “fix” yourself.

This also used to be me… and what a difference it is when you realize that there is so much more to health and to life!

If you feel like you’re spending a lot of time & energy thinking about food, your health, or your body, know that it’s totally normal. We’re kind of conditioned this way. If you think of it, a lot of the marketing we’re exposed today condition us to think that if we aren’t as happy and good looking as the people in the ads, it’s because there’s something wrong with us and we need to “fix” ourselves.

And this can become deeply ingrained and very automatic for a lot of us.

But I just want you to know that you don’t need to be “fixed”. Just like sign #1, this is very overwhelming, draining, and confusing for the mind. What you really need is… NOURISHMENT! (yes, I can’t help myself and will keep repeating this until I’m blue in the face! lol)

Sign #3. you find yourself thinking or obsessing about the past or the future.

How often do you find yourself thinking about something that already happened and going over every details of it, what has been said, what you should have done or said differently, etc…. over and over again and feeling “stuck” inside of this story inside of your head?

And at other times, you get sucked into thinking about the future and thinking about all of the different possible scenarios, usually including many versions of the worst-case scenarios, and not really being able to stop?

Living in your mind is another way that we can deplete your mind and cause it to become under-nourished. Get your free guide here to see what you can do to start nourishing your whOle Self.

Sign #4. you prefer to blame others and/or act like a victim.

That one is so much fun! Instead of taking responsibility, we throw it away on anyone we can find around us and sometimes even God or the Universe while we’re at it.

I’m being funny here but we all know it’s a very real thing and it’s important to know that it can be VERY insidious. It isn’t easy to catch ourselves.

I had a victim mentality for a few years after something challenging that happened in my life and I was spiritually bypassing that by telling myself that I just needed to be grateful for what I had and go with the flow… but at some point it just hit me in the face that I was stuck in a victim mentality.

Feeling like things happen TO us and/or feeling helpless and hopeless are definitely a sign that our mind and other parts of us are under-nourished.

Sign #5. you try to control things.

Any control freaks here…??!

Whether it’s with food, your body, people around you, your life circumstances, everybody can fall into the pattern of trying to control things, even things we have no control over. Some people more than others (I hope my mom reads this!!! lol).

This sign usually show up in times where you feel like things are changing too fast and/or you realize how little control you have over certain things in your life… so you try to control what you think you can control.

The problem with this is that control is always only an illusion. We really have no control over anything and this habit can prevent us from looking at the REAL issue underneath this desire to (feel in) control.

Sign #6. you suffer from anxiety on a regular basis.

So many of the people I’ve worked with over the years suffer from anxiety, which is often with sign #3 and living in the future in our mind.

It’s okay if you have this sign, too.

It’s simply a sign that your mind needs more nourishment. And you’re exactly where you need to be to find more of that! Everything’s going to be okay.

Sign #7. you often struggle with depression.

While anxiety is more about the future, depression can often be related to thinking too much about the past and feeling stuck.

Again, nourishment for the body + mind + heart + soul can help with this sign so that you can learn to feel joy, love, and hope again.

I promise there is hope. Yes, even for you.

Sign #8. you feel like your mind, intelligence, titles, roles, bank account, status… define who you are.

How many times have I heard a woman (I work mostly with women) tell me that she doesn’t really know who she is anymore…

That was me, too.

If I asked you who you are, how would you answer? With your name, your education, your hometown, your different roles and hats? But none of these things are really who you are.

It can be hard to know who we are when we’ve spent most of our lives living in our minds but I guarantee that nourishing your mind and the rest of your Self will help you find your way back to Self. To your home. To the real you that is ready to bloom and be her more FULLY!

Sign #9. you find it challenging to be in the present moment.

Mindfulness. Being in the her now. Presence. Awareness. Consciousness… so many buzz words we hear everywhere these days telling us that there might be something wrong with us if we can’t quiet our minds…

It is true that an under-nourished mind and living too much in our mind and forgetting about the other parts of us can make it more challenging to be in the present moment, but just know that this isn’t your fault.

The current education system and society TRAIN us to be that way. Just know that the path of nourishment can create more of that peace, stillness, and equanimity within. It is accessible to you, too.

Which of these 9 signs do you have?

Comment below! I’m curious to know.

Sending you all so much love,

Aglaée ♥