9 signs your heart is under-nourished

After talking about your body and mind, it’s now time to talk about your beautiful heart.

We tend to focus a lot of the body and mind and it’s more and more accepted that we need mental health just as much as physical health, but what about EMOTIONAL health? This is what we’ll be talking about in this post.

Here are 9 signs your heart is under-nourished.

9 signs your heart is under-nourished

Sign #1. you numb / distract yourself form your emotions.

Your beautiful heart can feel a lot of things and sometimes (or often), it can feel a little (or a lot) too much.

And since, most of us weren’t taught how to feel our emotions in a healthy way, we often develop coping strategies to numb and distract ourselves to repress, bottle up, dismiss, avoid, and do our best to survive in this world.

This can take the form of emotional eating, an eating disorder, excessive spending, binge watching Netflix, drinking too much, overworking, or pretty much any thing that you OVER-do.

The problem is that any of these things that we OVER-do to numb and/or distract ourselves from our emotions can harm us in some ways and contribute to self-sabotage in one or more areas of our life.

If you have this sign, you are certainly NOT alone. And the answer is nourishment. I have a whole online course talking about emotional eating here if you want to dig deeper.

Sign #2. you feel dis—connected from your emotions.

A lot of the work that I do with the women I work with 1:1 is help them re—connect with the different parts of them and many of them often realize how dis—connected from their emotions they have been over the years.

Whether it’s because they’re empaths or highly sensitive persons, whether it’s because they’re people pleasers and have paid more attention to how others are feeling than to how they are feeling themselves, or whether it is because they were taught to be responsible and logical, we’ve pretty much all done it.

Even though some emotions may be harder to feel than others, they all have something to teach us and our beautiful hearts LOVE feeling it all, the full spectrum, because that’s what makes us humans and that’s what makes us feel ALIVE!

Sign #3. you don’t feel like you can deeply connect and be the full you with people.

Rejection is my core wound. Not feeling accepted for who I am and not feeling like I belong anywhere… my heart has been working VERY hard to try to protect me from getting hurt and experiencing rejection all of my life…

Whatever your core wound is, we tend to build walls around our hearts. It may help prevent us from getting hurt but it can also prevent us from experience the deeper heart-to-heart connections we CRAVE.

The higher and thicker the walls around our hearts, the difficult it is to connect in a NOURISHING way with people around us.

It’s okay if you realized that your heart has walls around it. And don’t worry, you don’t have to take them down all at once either. But nourishment at ALL levels is the path to help you add little doors and windows and flower pots around your heart to help you, in a way that feel safe, start creating deeper nourishing connection in your life.

Sign #4. you have a hard time receiving love.

This sign can also be the result of the walls we talked about with sing #3. Someone gives you a compliment and you deflect it or brush it off. That’s what happens when you respond to compliment with

  • “Oh, that old thing?” <<< that is minimizing or brushing off
  • “Oh, I got that on sale.” <<< that is minimizing or brushing off
  • “Oh, that’s nothing.” <<< that is minimizing or brushing off
  • “And I love your [fill in the blank]” <<< THAT is deflecting!
  • Or simply changing the converstaion <<< THAT is also deflecting!

Whenever we do that, we are not RECEIVING love. We block ourselves from receiving it.

There might be many reasons for that but for now, all I say is that the next time you receive a compliment, practice RECEIVING the love in your heart by smiling and saying nothing or just a very simple “thank you” without adding anything more and without feeling the need to reciprocate.

I know it’s a tough challenge, right? But I know you can do it!

Sign #5. you have a hard time trusting others.

That also go back to all of these walls you may have built around your heart. And for good reasons. These old wounds that never got to heal properly can get re-opened really easily (that’s what a trigger does) and you’re doing your best to protect yourself with these walls…

But have you noticed that it’s impacting your ability to trust others? I’m not saying you should blindly trust anyone and everyone.

But you know those people in your life that you would like to trust and feel like you “should” be able to trust but can’t. Do you always think about what their real motives might be? Do you feel like you question every single little emoji they sent to know what the underlying meaning may be? Do you even doubt the ways they show their love to you by feeling that they’re doing that just because they feel like they need to and not because they truly love you?

Trust is a KEY ingredient in any relationships and it is so important that your heart needs to feel safe again. How, you ask? Yes, you guessed it already as you ask, right? Nourishment. Nourishment is the path.

Sign #6. you tend to isolate when things get difficult OR you ask everybody for advice & opinions instead of making your own decisions.

Some of us want to hide when we don’t feel good because we don’t want to be a burden and others just go to anyone and everyone trying to have others fix their problems for them.

Either of these reactions have a lack of self-love at their root.

And this is NOT your fault. It’s just one way that an under-nourished heart may cause you to react to certain situations in your life.

Nourishing your heart will help you trust in your Self and in your own worthiness more over time. And that makes ALL the difference!

Sign #7. you have a hard time asking for help & receiving it.

This sign is intertwined with many others we talk about today and is rooted into not feeling enough. Many of the women I work with, including myself, are more used to being the HELPER. We love helping others around us feel good and ensure that their needs are being met…

But it’s often not as easy to have it go the other way around.

Whether it’s because you feel like you don’t need anyone, that you “should” figure this out by yourself, that you don’t want to bother anyone, or don’t want to show your more vulnerable sides, it all goes back to having some walls around your heart.

Even though I do believe that you can do a lot of things by yourself, just like I can, it feels soooo good when we give ourselves the permission to have someone help us, guide us, and be there for us.

After all, you know how good it feels when you can help someone? It is a gift to those you love to allow them to help you, too.

Sign #8. you have forgotten about your passions & dreams.

What are your passions? What are your dreams? What lights you up?

Oftentimes, I ask that question and hear crickets. Not literally…. but you know what I mean! lol

As we become “responsible” adults, we tend to forget about the things that we LOVE doing just because it nourishes our hearts because there are more “productive” and more “important” things to do…

But what is there more important than nourishing your beautiful heart?

The good news is that it is NEVER too late! So start making a list to start remembering again!

Sign #9. you can mentally think of things you’re grateful for but have a hard time feeling it IN your heart.

This is so very common! Practicing gratitude is something very popular these days but most people do it WRONG.

They can write long lists of things they’re grateful for but if it stays at the mental level (in the mind) without going deeper into your heart so that you can FEEL it, it just isn’t the same.

There is nothing wrong with you but it’s simply a sign that you tend to live more in your mind and that there is a dis—connect with your heart.

Practice feeling gratitude simply by practicing feeling your hear. Puta hand on your chest and feel it beat, moving life-giving blood inside of you and keeping you alive!

Which of these 9 signs do you have?

Comment below! I’m curious to know.

Sending you all so much love,

Aglaée ♥