9 signs your body is under-nourished

The body is usually the first thing we think about when thinking about health, nutrition, and nourishment. So let’s start here by looking at 9 signs that may indicate that your body is under-nourished or mal-nourished.

Some of these signs may surprise you more than others.

We tend to think that nourishment is the same as nutrition. But nourishment goes deeper and goes beyond nutrition. Nutrition is part of nourishment and nutrition can be the door to feeling deeply nourished but it isn’t everything.

The good news is that even if you know A LOT about nutrition and have tried ALL the things with your diet & supplements, yet your body still doesn’t feel nourished, you’ll start findingsome of the missing pieces here.

And stay tuned because I’ll post 9 signs for the other important parts that make the whOle you in the next weeks: mind + heart + soul.

Let’s get started with the body!

9 signs your body is under-nourished

Sign #1. you have a hard time getting up in the morning & rarely feel refreshed.

How do you usually wake up in the morning? Tired? Groggy? Sluggish? Dreading the day? Pressing the snooze button over and over again?

Know that you are NOT alone. I always ask this question to my clients and it’s very rare that they feel refreshed when waking up in the morning before starting on the path of nourishment at ALL levels.

And I also know that there is another way and that it is possible to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

When my son is with me in the morning, I love asking him “What day is it?” To which he answers “It’s today” and I reply “Great! Today is my FAVOOOORITE DAY!!!!“. We got that from the movie Christopher Robins. 🙂 Any other Winnie the Pooh fans here?

And it’s truly how I feel most mornings now (and it didn’t use to be that way at all!) so I know it’s possible for you, too.

Sign #2. you are tired a lot and feel like you have to push yourself to get through the day.

Fatigue isn’t a very specific sign but it definitely means that there’s something going on and that you’re in need of more nourishment, whether it’s with food, rest, sleep, breath, time outside…

This sign is so common and can be a sign of being under-nourished not only in your body, but also your mind, heart, and/or soul. All of these are parts of you that are closely interwoven.

Sign #3. you often over-eat and/or eat past satiety.

This sign is definitely connected to sign #7. If you find yourself eating more than what feels comfortable for your body or eating when you aren’t hungry, it is a sign that you have been over-riding your body’s signals.

The most common cause is that you are dis—connected from your body’s signals. And this is often happening at the same time as some parts of your Self {mind + heart + soul} being under-nourished, which leads you to seek food to satisfy your mind hunger, heart hunger, or soul hunger.

And the under-nourishment that may be at the root of this sign, whether it is in your mind, heart, or soul, results in mal-nourishment in your body because her/his needs aren’t being honored & respected.

Sign #4. you under-eat and/or fight your body’s needs.

This sign goes along the same lines as sign #3 and often stems from a body dis—connect. Sometimes, focusing your attention on dieting or trying to change your body feels more manageable than looking deeper to look at some of the most tender parts of yourself.

And whenever we aren’t attuned and/or not listening to our body’s needs, it is obvious that it can result in under-nourishment in the body. That is true for food but goes beyond that to also include rest, sleep, hydration, breath, and movement.

Sign #5. you have shallow breathing.

Notice your breath right now as you’re reading this. And now, take a really DEEP big breath and see how that feels.

That feels so yummy, doesn’t it? Dare I even say nourishing?

Our breath is SO important and breathing shallowly is a sign that your nervous system may be in fight-or-flight-or-freeze mode and/or that you may have been living your days in your head more than in your own body.

Sign #6. you over-train and have frequent injuries OR have a hard time getting off the couch.

Whether you tend to overdo it or underdo it when it comes to movement, either sides of the spectrum can prevent the body to feel nourished. This is also very intertwined with sign #7, which we’ll talk about in just a moment!

But the most important thing to know about sign #6 is that nourishing movement isn’t about pushing / forcing / punishing the body NOR is it about forgetting that we have a body either.

Movement is a key nutrient for body nourishment but it’s all about practicing embodied, intuitive, and nourishing movement. And this takes time but it’s such a beautiful journey. Let me know if you want to learn more about this!

Sign #7. you feel dis—connected from your body.

We’ve talked about this sign already and it is actually at the root of so many of the other signs we talk about today. How can we know what our body needs to feel nourished if we are dis—connected from our own body?

Just like we learn to connect to a baby’s cues to guess whether she needs milk, a diaper change, or just to be held, we need to practice connecting with our own body and most of us have unfortunately not been taught how to do that.

And I would even say that most of us have been taught how to dis—connect from our body. This could be the topic of another blog post because I have a LOT to say about this but just feel into this. How connected are you to your own body on a scale of 0-10? If you asked your mind to find the answer, it’s a sign it’s probably less than you think. 😉

Sign #8. you are doing something ALL the time and have a hard time slowing down & pausing.

That definitely used to be me. I would have a hard time just sitting down and relaxing. Doing nothing???! Not time for that.

I always had a long never-ending to-do list at the back of my mind that kept me going and going. The little Inner Mean Girl in my head holding the to-do list and making me DO, DO, and DO told me I could rest when I would be done with the list but she just kept adding to it faster than I could get through it!

Does that sound familiar?

This sign has a lot to do with sign #7, once again, and is also very intimately connected to mind mal-nourishment, which we’ll talk about next week. Stay tuned!

Sign #9. you frequently experience physical symptoms

Whether you suffer from frequent headaches, chronic bloating, gut issues, blood sugar dyregulation, hormonal imbalances, an autoimmune condition, or any other phsyical problem, it is no surprise that it can be related to some form of under- or mal-nourishment at the body level although the mind + heart + soul may also have a role to play.

I’m not saying this to make anyone feel bad about whatever kind of health problems they may be dealing with. This is NOT your fault.

But one common mistake I see people make is focus solely on nutrition (food & supplements) and dismissing other very important forms of nourishment for the body.

Perhaps this is an invitation to look at different ways to nourish your body more DEEPLY.

Which of these 9 signs do you have?

Comment below! I’m curious to know.

Sending you all so much love,

Aglaée ♥