3 tips to stop emotional eating (WITHOUT the typical “call a friend” or “take a bath”)

Emotional eating.

Let’s talk about it.

Do you eat your emotions? Do you want to eat when you feel angry, sad, depressed, tired, boreddisappointed, overwhelmed, underwhelmed…? Or even when you’re happy?

Do you identify as an “emotional eater”?

Here are my 3 favorite tips to help you put an end to this behavior that is not aligned with your long-term goals.

And I promise those tips don’t have anything to do with “calling a friend” or “taking a bath” as we often read in magazines or on the Internet. 😉 

Ready? Let’s take a look!

#1: make sure your body is well fed

Restriction or thought of restrictions -> feelings of shame, guilt, sadness, disappointment -> behaviors


#2: eat your emotions but drop the judgment

Yes, this was a big first step for me! May be fully aware that you’re doing it and why but you just want to do it anyway

Wanting to change too suddenly and leave a coping strategy can feel really scary and may be too much to handle right now

If judging yourself while doing it, it can cause you to feel worse and want to eat more and more and more!


#3: shift your perspective

See it has something that has power over you and that leaves you feeling like a victim

But what if it was a combination of a coping strategy you developed when you were younger to deal with overwhelming feelings, it worked and now you’ve been practicing and reinforcing this behavior and habit for years if not decades

Lower brain, survival mechanism, talks to the higher brain

Not judging it is the first step and then , assuming you’re following the first step
then not seeing the urge to eat as something threatening
We all have many thoughts every day that we don’t pay attention to
the urge to eat our emotions can feel overwhelming and threatening
That pattern is so ingrained and practice over and over again so many times
COMPASSION, other coping skills

Your higher self and your higher brain can put a stop to it
Dismiss the urge. See it but don’t fight it. See it as any other random thoughts you may have throughout the day that you don’t follow through with.
I.e. doing a u-turn to park on the opposite side of the street, shaking someone who doesn’t seem to understand what we’re saying or putting my toddler in the closet.

Normal eaters still eat their emotions sometimes but it’s not their only coping mechanis


What do you think?

Comment below, I want to hear your stories and your thoughts!

Sending you much love,


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