~ the sparkles ~

one morning like any other⁣ she woke up & noticed⁣ that colours were brighter⁣ a reflection of all the sparkles⁣ that had appeared in her eyes⁣ mirroring all the stars of the Universe⁣ ⁣ that morning she realized⁣ that the love & freedom⁣ she had been cultivating⁣ within her Self⁣ all of these years⁣ had[…]

it doesn’t interest me

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living and what diplomas you have or don’t have.⁣⁣It doesn’t interest me what size your body is, whether your thighs are thick or you have a thigh gap, whether you have rolls or stretch marks, whether you have skin issues or whether you don’t fit the[…]