Dear Aglaée, I think I’m afraid of feeling hungry…!

This week for my heart-to-heart blog series about some of the most common struggles women (and men) face with food and their body. Because let’s face it, the way we relate to food can really be a reflection of how we live our lives.  Dear Aglaée, I think I’m afraid of feeling hungry. I rarely feel hungry. I make sure I[…]

The story of the little seed. A story about breaking free from food and weight struggles (my story and maybe yours too).

Once upon a time, there was a little seed lost and buried in the dark. She didn’t know how to break free of her husk and start living above the ground. She felt like she would be stuck there forever. She tried to be every kind of flower she saw on social medias and in[…]

New honest blog series to help you understand why you feel crazy around food coming soon!

Hi everyone!  I haven’t been blogging in a little (long) while but I’m really excited to get back to it. After dedicating many years of my life and career working in the field of digestive health, I have recently taken the decision to take a new direction. I’ve always felt called to work in the area[…]