Your health is NOT an indicator of your worth.

 PSA: Your health is NOT an indicator of your worth.

I’ve seen so many people feel so guilty and even ashamed of not being “healthy”.

We’re bombarded by messages everywhere, including social medias, that tell us that health is what we should all be striving for and all you have to do is try harder wth your diet, supplements, and lifestyle to get there…. (this is actually very similar to the quest for the perfect weight by the way…)



Let me clear up a few things:

🌸 Health is not attainable for every body
🌸 Being healthy doesn’t make anyone better or more worthy than anyone else
🌸 Being healthy doesn’t have to be the project or goal for everyone
🌸 Health is about so much more than the factors we have control over like food
🌸 Health is about so much more than physical health
🌸 I have a BIG problem when approaches for the pursuit of health
compromise your mental and emotional health (this does NOT make sense at ALL!)
🌸 Health is not something that we earn
🌸 Your health doesn’t define you as a person
🌸 Your health doesn’t mean anything about you
🌸 Health = body + mind + heart + soul

Note: if that any of this resonates with you, please read over and over again until your heart and mind truly believe it! 😊🙏💕

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