February 14, 2018

the Radicata Nutrition Approach ~ the only truly holistic nutrition services

Hi there!

Welcome to Radicata Nutrition!
Are you ready for true healing & transformation?

Do you have problems with….

  • Your digestion (IBS, SIBO, FODMAPs, leaky gut…)?
  • An autoimmune condition?
  • PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)?
  • Your blood sugars (prediabetes or diabetes)?
  • Anemia, low B12, or other nutritional deficiencies?
  • Fatigue and just feeling generally unwell….?

Or do you want to find a way of eating that helps you….

  • Feel better and have more energy?
  • Improve your digestive health?
  • Optimize your fertility?
  • Support a healthy pregnancy and optimal postpartum recovery?
  • Be as healthy as you can be to prevent chronic diseases?

Or do you…

  • struggle with your relationship with food, your health, and your body 
    and need help to heal it, even if you don’t have an eating disorder?
  • have a hard time sticking to healthy habits, even if you know they’re good for you?
  • end up self-sabotaging any time you try to eat better or improve your lifestyle?

Or maybe a bit of most of these things?

the Radicata Nutrition approach is the only truly holistic approach
to bring you healing and nourishment from the inside out!

Are you ready to truly take your health to the next level?

Health goes beyond the body and needs to integrate the mind + heart + soul
for sustainable results that will help you feel home in your body in a way
you haven’t felt in a l-o-n-g time (or perhaps never ever felt in your life).

How will I transform with the Radicata Nutrition Approach?

The Radicata Nutrition Approach is different than anything you’ve ever experienced with any other dietitians, nutritionists, or health care professionals and will help you feel nourished in your ~ body + mind + heart + soul ~. 

Here are some of the many results clients gain by using the Radicata Nutrition Approach: 

  • SOLID foundation of healthy habits that nourish your body, mind, heart, and soul
  • reconnect with the inner wisdom of your own body to find the best way to eat for you
  • develop your intuition and grow your self-trust in a surprising way!
  • learn how to eat in a non-restrictive way to stabilize your blood sugars and keep your energy levels high throughout the day while minimizing inflammation and promoting healing
  • build your own personalized self-care plan that will prevent self-sabotage from hindering your progress on your healing journey in the future 
  • feel more empowered with your thoughts, inspired with your actions, and aligned with your life instead of having the negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviors on auto-pilot 
  • be living a life that is more like YOU and finally allowing your full potential to shine brightly!

Here are some of the things we focus on during our sessions:

Note that the approach is customizable for each of the person I work with.
For some, the focus will be more on only one of the root (body for example) while we will touch all 4 of the roots (body + mind + heart + soul) for others.

  • Root #1 ~ BODY (physical health)
    • Implement a realistic and effective protocol to help your body function optimally using natural strategies like
      • + food
      • + lifestyle strategies
      • + supplements
      • + natural remedies
    • Start reconnecting with your body’s inner wisdom
  • Root #2 ~ MIND (thoughts)
    • Gain awareness and understanding of your own negative self-talk that leads to self-sabotage and not being able to stick to the healthy habits you want to implement in your life
    • Make the distinction between the self-bullying voice and your own inner wisdom & intuition
  • Root #3 ~ HEART (emotions)
    • Learn about self-love, self-acceptance, and self-trust with a realistic, modern, and non-fluffy approach
    • Become more comfortable feeling your feelings and using your feelings as messengers instead of wanting to numb them and distract yourself from them
  • Root #4 ~ SOUL (integration)
    • Develop your inner wisdom & your intuition to a whole new level
    • Discover who you really are at your core and feel home within yourself and your body
    • Implement short rituals and practices that help you stay grounded and on your path in the following months after the Radicata Nutrition Transformation Program

What others have said


Non-judgemental fabulousness and magic!

I so very much appreciate your time, your talent, your non-judgemental fabulousness and whatever that magic is that you bring… ’cause you sure bring it!  This has already been such meaningful work. It was remarkable to feel the transformation tonight into a whole new understanding of this food and body and self care struggle that I’ve grappled with for decades. 

With all the therapy, OA [Overeater Anynomous], a zillion books read, and literally hundreds of other approaches to opening this up for healing, I’ve never before felt the puzzle pieces come together in quite the way they did tonight. So powerful!

~ Kara Curtis
Raleigh, NC


Gifted and skilled healer

Aglaee is a very gifted and skilled healer. She has deep expertise in nutrition, and has combined that with other approaches that allow her clients to truly heal- spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally. 

Aglaee has helped me so much with my adrenal health issues that surfaced two years ago after being on corticosteroids. I was dealing with pronounced hypoglycemia, and within two days of implementing Aglaee’s recommendations, I was feeling better and within a few weeks, I was feeling much better and finally sleeping through the night.

From there, my work with Aglaee expanded to include the many elements of healing that are so important: self love; learning positive self-talk; listening to my soul/mind/body; following my intuition to clarify how I really want my life to be. These are the key elements that allow for sustained healing and transformation.

By combining nutrition with this deeper work, Aglaee is an unstoppable force and a gift to her clients. I am a health care provider myself, and I am always in awe of her capacity, creativity, and ability to empower her clients toward health.

~Brett I, Brooklyn, NY


She gets it!

I really liked working with you. I feel like you “get it.”

I also feel like it’s so important to have someone who you feel is not judgmental when you’re working on issues as emotional as your relationship with food. I also really feel like you have a great nurturing demeanor 🙂

~ SN


I want to use the Radicata Nutrition Approach to heal!
…. how does it work?

Initial consultation ~ START HERE!

  • a complete case review with AJ (75-min session)
  • a comprehensive nutrition analysis 
  • a holistic health & nutrition report sent to you within 48-72 business hours (see example below)
    • your personalized health & nutrition protocol: easy to understand and practical
    • super comprehensive and holistic: best next steps for you with your food, tailored supplement plan, tips to grow your mindset and improve your lifestyle, and much more!
  • unlimited online support for 30 days (email, Whatsapp, or Messenger)
  • a 45-min follow-up nutrition session (a $108-value!)
  • A truly holistic transformational experience ~ BODY ~ MIND ~ HEART ~ SOUL ~ 
  • Your investment: $333 USD 

Or start with a FREE 15-min appetizer session
with AJ to see if you’re a good fit first!

Follow-up consultations ~ after the initial consult

  • 45-min follow-up session with AJ
  • an email with a recap of the session and the next steps for you 
  • A truly holistic transformational experience ~ BODY ~ MIND ~ HEART ~ SOUL ~ 
  • Your investment: $108 USD

Monthly subscriptions ~ for accountability and best results! (after the initial consult)

  • one (1) to two (2)  x 45-min follow-up session
  • an email with a recap of the session and the next steps for you 
  • weekly email check-ins
    • for accountability and keeping customizing the protocol for you
  • UNLIMITED access to AJ (email, Messenger, or WhatsApp…)
    • for accountability, support, and troubleshooting
    • multiple times a week or even daily if you need it! (within business hours)
  • A truly holistic transformational experience ~ BODY ~ MIND ~ HEART ~ SOUL ~ 
  • Your investment: $222-333 USD (depending on whether you choose 1 or 2 monthly follow-up sessions with AJ)

Here’s an example of the comprehensive report and holistic protocol I will put together for you after our first session together:

Here’s what your comprehensive report and holistic protocol will look like! 🙂

All appointments are online, from the comfort of your own home. I use Skype or Zoom (or phone).
I can help with the technology if you aren’t sure how to use those. 🙂

Or start with a FREE 15-min appetizer session
with AJ to see if you’re a good fit first!



What others have said


Feeling better than ever, both mentally and physically!

At 23, I was sick, tired, and constantly taking off work because my body couldn’t keep up with my lifestyle – none of the normal words used to describe a 23 year olds life. I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease, but even eating a gluten free diet wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t until I started working with Aglaee that I felt better. Aglaee helped me come up with a nutrition plan that helped heal my body after years of being nutritionally depleted with some of the most delicious food I had ever had. Through her suggestions, I started feeling better than I ever had both mentally and physically.

I highly recommend Aglaee to anybody, but especially those struggling with autoimmune diseases – it will change your life!

~ Danica, South Dakota


She has helped me to eradicate my pain and increase my mental and physical well being monumentally!

I came to Aglaee as many else have….very desperate and in much pain.  From my first interaction with her she helped to put my mind at ease and offer me the hope that I needed. 

I can’t figure out which aspect of hers is more integral….her profound knowledge of the mind, body, soul and nutrition….or her sensitive, supportive, and mother like personality. 

Aglaee is a gem that I hope the world will learn about and access.  I hope that she can continue to access those that are in most need of her help as well. 

She has helped me to eradicate my pain and increase my mental and physical well being monumentally!

~ Jeremy Stern, Illinois


I have more energy to do the things I love!

I appreciate how Aglaee is dedicated to helping me. She always answers all my questions promptly and explains why she wants me to do stuff instead of just telling me to take supplements and eat certain food.

Thanks to her advice, I’m eating more and have more energy to do things I love!

~ Rachel, Western Tennessee


I specialize in health issues like: 

  • gut health (IBS, SIBO, celiac disease, food intolerances, leaky gut…), 
  • autoimmune conditions
  • PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), 
  • blood sugar regulation (prediabetes, diabetes, or hypoglycemia), 
  • fatigue and low energy levels
  • overeating and emotional eating
  • poor body imagedisordered eating, and eating disorders,
  • self-sabotage or the endless cycle between restrictive food rules <-> food rebellion!
  • fear of feeling and feeling disconnected from your body, 
  • lack of self-love,self-trust and self-care

I’m familiar with all kinds of diets like Paleo, AIP, vegetarian, keto, low-fat, low-carb, etc… but I don’t prescribe diets to anyone. Rather, I help the women I work with find the foods and way of eating that work for their unique body. 

Everything I do includes healing of the physical body but also true transformation by also addressing the mental, emotional, and spiritual component of healing and raising our vibe! You can read more about my nutrition philosophy here. 

Or start with a FREE 15-min appetizer session
with AJ to see if you’re a good fit first!



Who am I?

I’m Aglaée but feel free to call me AJ!

I have a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Nutrition, over 12+ years of experience as a registered dietitian, and I’m the author of the book & cookbook Digestive Health with REAL Food.

I actually prefer calling myself a non-diet dietitian + heart & soul nutritionist because of my truly holistic approach. I’m also a self-love guide, energy healer, Reiki practitioner, and heart warrior.

Please note: I’m NOT your typical / conventional registered dietitian. I don’t endorse the Food Pyramid / My Plate and I definitely don’t give all of my clients the same plan. And I always go beyond food for the body and make sure that you are nourished at ALL levels (+BODY +MIND +HEART +SOUL).

I’m very open-minded and highly personalize my recommendations, always while considering your WHOLE BEING. This is why I call myself a non-diet dietitian, heart & soul nutritionist, and self-love guide. 🙂

To get to know me more, I invite you to read my bio, learn more about my nutrition philosophy, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, and treat yourself to one of my freebies to make sure we are a good fit. Contact me at aglaee at radicatanutrition dot com, use the contact form here, or find me on Instagram if you have any questions!

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