February 4, 2017

♥ Praises from Aglaée’s clients ♥

Here are some of the many praises I received specifically about the Radicata SEED Protocol that I wanted to share with you. You can find more praises I collected over the year working as a no-nonsense and gut-friendly registered dietitian here.

Enjoy the read! 



I so very much appreciate your time, your talent, your non-judgemental fabulousness and whatever that magic is that you bring… ’cause you sure bring it!  This has already been such meaningful work. It was remarkable to feel the transformation tonight into a whole new understanding of this food and body and self care struggle that I’ve grappled with for decades. 

With all the therapy, OA [Overeater Anynomous], a zillion books read, and literally hundreds of other approaches to opening this up for healing, I’ve never before felt the puzzle pieces come together in quite the way they did tonight. So powerful!

~ Kara Curtis
Raleigh, NC


This program helped me immensely.

I started it with a very negative attitude towards myself and my body and a very bad relationship with food. I have spent years dieting and have really messed up my body and thinking because of it.

This program has helped me start to see food and food choices in a more positive light and I am starting to see myself in a more positive light as well.

My weight is not who I am; I am much more than that.
Before this program these were just words; now I am actually believing them 🙂            

~ Michelle Taylor
NFL, Canada


When I began the Radicata SEED Program with Aglaee, I was totally lost. I was really stressed by food, my body and what others thoughts about me.

Aglaee helped me to understand why I was thinking like that, listened to me and helped me to think differently. She also made me realize that I wasn’t alone.

Today, my approach regarding food and my body is totally different. It’s way much healthier!
Once again, thank you so much Aglaee…

~ Alice Delacourt


I really liked working with you. I feel like you “get it.”

I also feel like it’s so important to have someone who you feel is not judgmental when you’re working on issues as emotional as your relationship with food. I also really feel like you have a great nurturing demeanor 🙂

~ SN


I think this work you are doing by offering this program is SO important! 

Thank you, Aglaee, for expanding the services you offer to go beyond simple diet but to get at the heart of things.  DHWRF [Digestive Health with REAL Food] changed my life in many good ways.  All of the research your completed and shared in that book helped me to understand a lot of the biology of what was happening in my body and how food contributes to that. 

The only thing missing was the emotional side of things.  I think the Radicata SEED Program adds that missing link and coupled with what I learned from DHWRF is a more holistic approach to getting healthier.  Seriously, thank you! 

~ MJ


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