February 4, 2017

the Radicata SEED Sisterhood

No, this group is not about flax seeds or chia seeds. 😉 

It’s about YOU.

You’re a seed, just like I am.

And you’re ready to feel truly NOURISHED, in your BODY, HEART, MIND and SOUL,
so you can grow your roots, extend your leaves and finally flourish and blossom! 🙂

As you were meant to do all along, but it’s easy to forget.

Don’t worry, I forgot for a long time too. But, I know you can remember.

THIS is your true purpose.

This group is about creating a sisterhood where women can support each other
on this self-love journey, from seed to flower.

Note that this not a group where I’ll be answering nutrition questions.
This group is not about nutrition any more than it is about seeds. 😉
It goes to the roots which go even much deeper than nutrition.

What I found is that the problem is rarely about food anyway,
even if it might seem hard to believe right now.

Join us to get the understanding and support you need while being the first to know
about any updates, free training, articles and online women circle
to nourish the little seed inside of you
. 🙂

And please invite any friends that need this too!
We need to unite because this is not only our individual fight, it’s something much bigger than that. 

You are not alone. It’s only together that we can do this.

Whether you feel ready or not, come and take a peak.

You don’t have to share anything or do anything.

Just let a bit of hope make its way into your heart until you feel ready to take the next step.

♥♡♥ Click here to request to join the Radicata SEED Sisterhood. ♥♡♥

Looking forward to seeing you there!



p.s. ♥♡♥ Read the (very short) story of the little seed here to see if you relate.♥♡♥

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