February 28, 2016

Radicata Healing Program

Please note that I’m currently NOT accepting new digestive clients at this time
as I’m now focusing on my Radicata SEED Programs.

If you don’t want to wait any longer before treating your gut issues,
I suggest working with Dr. Jason Klop. Tell him I sent you!  


He can help not only with SIBO but all kinds of digestive issues.
I work closely with him as part of his team for the nutrition part of the protocol
so this is one way we can work together and get you to feel better ASAP!

Thank you! ~ Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, author

You can also join my waiting list here.

Hi there!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to guide you
and help you adopt the most impactful changes for YOU?
How would you feel if someone genuinely cared so much
about your health and your success that she would create
a fail-proof, customized, practical and holistic plan just for YOU?


How would YOU feel if your health
was aligned with your life goals?


I truly believe that you have a unique gift.

My goal is to ensure that your body, brain and mind are well nourished so you can bring your gift to the rest of the world.

Better health = a better life!


Create wealth by cultivating health

Health is like your bank account. Every single time you eat, you are either taking a withdrawal or a deposit. Think of this when preparing your next meal.

Investing in your health is never a gamble. Health always leads to wealth.

Is this you?

Is your body starting to let you down?

How many of the following symptoms do you recognize?
How many in this list are becoming a barrier to living your life as you should?

  • Brain: Brain fog, low productivity, lack of focus and mental clarity, poor memory, difficulty learning new things, headaches, migraines…
  • Energy: Low energy, energy crashes, fatigue, insomnia, not feeling refreshed in the morning…
  • Immunity: Getting sick more than twice a year (due to a weak immune system), being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition…
  • Weight: Unwanted weight gain (or loss), inability to lose weight, cravings…
  • Digestion: Bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation…
  • Skin issues: Acne, hives, eczema, unexplained rash…
  • Mood: Depression, anxiety or mood swings…
  • Pain: Anywhere in your body (muscles, joints, abdomen…)
  • Hormones: PMS, PCOS and other hormonal imbalances, infertility…
  • Medical conditions: Any recent medical diagnoses…
  • Or simply not feeling like yourself…

So, how many of these symptoms do you have?

  • If you have at least 5 of these symptoms, it’s time to turn things around with Aglaée and Radicata Healing.

These are all SIGNS your BODY and BRAIN
are in desperate need of tender loving care!

Confession: I’ve been there myself.

I have to confess that I’ve been there too. Even as a registered dietitian & nutritionist. I was so passionate about helping others improve their health with food that I forgot about my own health.

I started suffering from digestive issues, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, unwanted weight gain and even hormonal imbalances…

I was diagnosed with SIBO, IBS and PCOS.

I had to step back and start
taking my own advice.

And it worked!

Not only did I manage to get my health back and get rid of my symptoms, but this also allowed me to finally leave the life that was waiting for me.

It was a costly mistake but my commitment to myself & investment in my health is now paying off.

I feel like I finally am the best version of me in all areas of my life.

Food is powerful!


★ Cultivating health brings wealth in all areas of your life! 


Where are you in the ladder of health?

ladder of health-whealth-01Health is not something you have or don’t have.

Health is a continuum.

Where are you in your ladder of health?

Are you at the bottom, sick in your bed, feeling sick, miserable and unable to live your life? Or are you at the top, thriving, feeling invincible like Superwoman or Superman?

Radicata wHealth vs Radicata Healing? The wHealth Program will move you from the robot stage up the ladder towards the thriving stage. If you are at the bottom of the health ladder, you will first need the Radicata Healing Program to jump-start your journey up. * you can switch from one to the other at any time during our work together.




★ Are you ready to experience true healing? ★

Every day, you are closer to your dream health and your dream life.

IF your daily habits are aligned with your goals.

One meal at a time, you can get there!

wHealth Program logo-01

What does the Radicata Healing Program include?

  • Introduction session & initial case review (90 min)
  • Personalized health & nutrition plan
    • comprehensive pdf document including a lab reviews (if available),
      complete analysis of your diet and personalized recommendations
  • Supplement cabinet evaluation 
  • Customized meal plan template
  • 2 monthly personal coaching sessions (30 min each)
    • includes a recap email and a pdf or your recommendations
      added directly to your personal nutrition portofolio
    • * please note: only 1 is included in the first month because of the intro session
  • 2 monthly email check-ins 
  • Unlimited email access between sessions
  • Food log review (for accountability, completely optional and without judgement!)


Feeling better than ever, both mentally and physically!

Aglaée helped me come up with a nutrition plan that helped heal my body after years of being nutritionally depleted with some of the most delicious food I had ever had. Through her suggestions, I started feeling better than I ever had both mentally and physically.

I highly recommend Aglaée to anybody, but especially those struggling with autoimmune diseases – it will change your life!

~ Danica, South Dakota

I am not your average
registered dietitian & nutritionist!


Single sessions do NOT work

I do not offer single sessions for the simple reason that they do not work.

What I do offer is coaching programs that bring results. And that can only be done if you commit to working with me for at least 3 months . It is possible to heal with food and natural remedies, but it takes time and tweaking. This is exactly what the 3-month Radicata Healing Program allows us to do.

I have more energy to do the things I love!

I appreciate how Aglaée is dedicated to helping me. She always answers all my questions promptly and explains why she wants me to do stuff instead of just telling me to take supplements and eat certain food.

Thanks to her advice, I’m eating better and I have more energy to do things I love!

~ Rachel, Western Tennessee

Your investment

Both the Radicata healing program and the Radicata wHealth program are priced in USD. Investing in your health is never a gamble. It always brings wealth in all areas of your life.

  • Notes about health labs 
    I can help you get labs to get more objective data about nutrient stores, adrenal fatigue, MTHFR, candida, food intolerance test, environmental pollutants, vitamin D or other depending on your specific situation and goals (extra charges apply & for clients in the US and Canada only).


What you’ll learn:

The Radicata Healing Program is truly a one-stop shop when it comes to your health so you can stop wasting precious time and energy looking for answers everywhere (although it is of course recommended to work in concert with your doctor).

Here’s an idea of the topics and habits we’ll work on:

  • Nutrition
    • best types of foods for your body (including best ratios of carbs, protein and fats)
    • foods and supplements to replenish your nutrient stores
      and improve your body’s functions (depending on your symptoms)
    • foods to lower systemic inflammation
    • digestive health and gut flora, skin health, adrenal health, bone health, brain health…
    • reaching & maintaining a healthy body weight
    • fertility, pregnancy and postpartum recovery
    • how to control cravings
    • detox protocol
    • label clarity: ingredient lists, nutrition fact table, GMOs, organic, grass-fed, fair-trade…
    • hydration: quantity and quality
  • Stress management: sleep, self-care, body image, life balance…
  • Movement: proper alignment, minimizing sitting, flexibility, strength & cardio…
  • Environment: EMFs, molds, mycotoxins, cosmetics and body care products, water, cookware,
    cleaning products, relationships, sustainability of our food choices…
  • Living life: eating out and travelling, time- and money-saving tips for shopping and cooking healthy foods, dealing with social situations…
  • Natural remedies: for cold & flu, digestive issues & headaches, solutions for your bloating…
  • Disease prevention: keeping your heart, brain, joints, immune system and gut healthy to minimize your risk of developing autoimmune conditions, heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer
    and other preventable modern chronic diseases…
Down 30 lbs, a stronger immune system and now pregnant!

I worked with Aglaée for multiple months and I’m now fully aware of what I need to avoid to feel to good. I lost 30 pound, I’m not as sick as I used to be and I’m now pregnant! 🙂

~ Amelie, Québec, Canada

Why you failed in the past.

It’s not you, it’s them.


★ Maybe you’ve tried single sessions with a nutritionist. They don’t work! Hint: everybody is so unique that it is important to customize the approach to your body and your life. And accountability and timing are also key ingredients to your success in creating life-long habits that will bring wealth to your life.

My promise to you is that I will keep you motivated and inspired throughout our work together and beyond to make it impossible for you not to succeed.

★ Maybe you got distracted (shiny object syndrome, anyone?). Long-term coaching helps you stay accountable and focused on the big picture so you don’t waste time and energy achieving your health goals. Every few weeks, you might be tempted to try something new after asking a few questions to Dr. Google, reading a new book about nutrition or hearing about the best new diet from a friend. Each of these attempts result in false starts and you end up back to square one each time.

My promise to you is that I will help you stay on track and accountable so you can reach your goals ASAP.

★ Maybe you got bored of the food. I hear you! Eating low-fat cardboard-tasting foods or eating the same thing over and over again is boring. Food is one of the best pleasure of life.

My promise to you is to combine healthy with tasty so you can truly enjoy eating this way and reaping all the benefits that go with becoming healthier.

★ Maybe you couldn’t cook all of your meals from scratch everyday. This is totally unrealistic… I can’t either! Ever seen these meal plans with a new recipe to try for each breakfast, lunch and dinner? This is MADNESS!

My promise to you is that I will show you how to become efficient in the kitchen and I will share my favorite tips to make healthy eating quick and sustainable for your busy life.

★ Maybe you started becoming crazy. Counting calories and grams of this or that… that is NOT a way to live! And it can definitely drive anyone crazy. Maybe you got to the point of spending too much of your time and energy thinking about calories. Maybe you even started developing an unhealthy relationship with food. Maybe you resent food and your body if you’re not getting the results you deserve. Unfortunately, many programs out there can do that to you.

My promise to you is that I’ll keep things simple with my no-nonsense and intuitive approach. We’ll talk about food, not numbers.

★ Maybe you were recommended the same exact plan as everyone else. This one is unfortunately SO common. Cookie-cutting approaches do NOT work. I found that most coaches and nutritionists tend to recommend what has worked for them, which is great for them but may not be ideal for you. I got caught up with that one too after getting excited with the results I got when trying vegetarainism, Paleo, low-carb, low-fat, keto, gluten-free and the likes. But I wised up after 10+ years of doing this and I can help you find the best of eating for you.

My promise to you is that I am not attached to any of these diets. I am attached to YOUR results. I want you to feel how the power of food can take your health, biz and life to the next level.

Aglaée is insightful, smart and caring

Aglaée is very insightful and extremely smart but more importantly she cares deeply about her clients and takes your journey seriously.

Her heart, her passion for what she does is what sets her apart from the rest.

~ Anonymous

This program is different than anything you’ve every tried.

I know how you feel.

Your health is your most precious asset.

I urge you to make sure you trust me 100% before applying.

So, why should you trust me?

  • I have over 10+ years of experience.
  • I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s of Science in Nutrition.
  • I am a registered dietitian & nutritionist.
  • I am a qualified and licensed health care professional.
  • I have written and published 3 books.
  • I have had my private practice helping hundreds of people since 2012.

But most importantly,

  • I have been in your shoes.
  • I have personally struggled with health issues.
  • I have personally tried every diet (I won’t ask you to try anything I haven’t tried myself).
  • I have felt really unwell and then healed myself with food.
  • I do NOT use a cookie-cutter approach (but we’ll definitely talk about how to enjoy healthier cookies!)
  • I do NOT subscribe to the conventional nutrition dogma.
  • I use a customized holistic approach that considers your whole body and whole life.
  • I get people results.
Aglaée understands foods and can help you optimize your life

Health is more than just food, it is social, emotional, psychological, and physical and Aglaée is someone you can talk to about ANYTHING and she will listen and provide sound advice.

I highly recommend Aglaée to anyone struggling with health conditions or just want to optimize an otherwise healthy life.

~ Anonymous

Is this for YOU?

This program is NOT for everybody. It is for you if:

  • You believe in the power of food and natural remedies.
  • You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.
  • You understand the impact health can have on your life.
  • You are hungry for change and have a thirst for learning (too many nutrition puns? 🙂 ).
  • You are open-minded and ready to know the ingredients for your recipe for success.

* This program is compatible with all food allergies and intolerances,including gluten intolerance and sensitivities to dairy, eggs, fish, nuts, etc. 

This is NOT for everybody.

  • This is NOT for you if you are not open to a new and different holistic nutrition approach.
  • This is NOT for you if you’re not serious about taking your health to the next level this year. I will ensure my plan is realistic and aligned with busy lifestyle, but you have to be serious about it.
  • This is NOT for you if you’re vegan. Unless you’re considering recovering from it. I truly believe that moderate amounts of animal foods (at least eggs and/or fish) are essential for optimal health.
  • This is NOT for you if you want to keep following the food pyramid and same old outdated nutrition advice.

Does any of this
resonate with you?

wHealth Program logo-01

Spaces are limited

Please note that I only take a few select new clients per month. Book your appetizer session today to be first in line at my door.


Please book an appetizer session if you want to have a taste of the work we can do together. I also offer a 30 day money back guarantee (which no one every asked for, but it’s there!). Please note that providing proof of cooperation would be required.

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