January 6, 2016

FREE GUIDE: 5 tips to keep your gut healthy & happy while travelling for Nomadtopia listeners

Hi dear Nomadtopia listener!

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Here is your free report where I share my 5 favorite tips to keep your gut healthy & happy while travelling, which is not only important to ensure that you stay productive with your work or vacations, but also to prevent chronic digestive issues and reduce your risk of developing autoimmune conditions in the future.


Your free guide!

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And if you want a bit more details about these 5 ways to keep your gut health on check anywhere you go, watch me talking about my 5 tips to keep my gut healthy on the road right here (video).

And for those of you traveling to Costa Rica and interested in avoiding chemicals (pesticides, etc.) in your foods, you can see how I managed to eat organic in Costa Rica and a list of resources to make it easier for you.

Bon voyage!

Your no-nonsense registered dietitian & nutritionist,

Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD

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