February 1, 2014

bio – Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, author

Short bio:

seadance-Radicata-1739Aglaée is no-nonsense & gut-friendly registered dietitian and nutritionist (with 10+ years of experience). She faced many health issues, especially with her digestion and hormones, which made her ditch the food pyramid to develop a natural and holistic approach to heal herself.

She shares her approach in her book & cookbook “Digestive Health with REAL Food: A Practical Guide to an Anti-Inflammatory, Nutrient Dense Diet for IBS & Other Digestive Issues” and her blog RadicataNutrition.com. She is also a crunchy mom and co-hosts the podcast Real Food Mamas.

Now that she healed herself, she loves eating (chocolate, plantains and butter are her favorite foods!), yoga, traveling, practicing her Spanish and spending time in nature (glimpses on Instagram). 

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Hi there!

My name is Aglaée and I am a no-nonsense & gut-friendly REAL FOOD registered dietitian and nutritionist 
(with 12+ years of experience!).

I also wrote and published 3 books & cookbooks and co-host the podcast Real Food Mamas.

I love coaching people to help them live their full potential by getting their health and life back using REAL food and natural remedies.


WARNING: I do not believe in the conventional nutritional dogma (after experiencing my own health issues with my digestion and hormones). I don’t believe in the food pyramid or counting calories or grams of anything. What I do believe is that health starts in the gut.

This is why I call myself a no-nonsense & gut-friendly registered dietitian & nutritionist. I also seadance-Radicata-1693like throwing real food in my title because my approach is, unlike that of many other practitioners out there, based on real food and natural remedies rather than calories, grams of fat or percentage of this or that or supplements, pills and potions.

You can read more about my nutrition philosophy here.

All I care about is helping you find the right way of eating for you. It usually involves getting rid of the processed food but I use my special art & science to help you figure out the rest. And most importantly, I guide you along the way to help you implement the health habits that will bring out your best self.

I would love to help you bring your full potential into this world by making sure your body and brain are working as well as they should because I truly believe the world would be a better place if we  could all be and feel healthier. I also sincerely believe that the environment and the planet can also greatly benefit from a healthier lifestyle. Together, we can change the world one meal at a time. 🙂

My story

After practicing conventional nutrition as a registered dietitian for 5 years, I realized that my career was not fulfilling as much as I had hoped to. I didn’t feel like I was able to help people enough with the tools I had.

Hungry to find my path, I sold everything I owned and went backpacking in South America for a few months. My travels opened my mind in more ways than I could never have imagined.

I started looking at everything with a fresh perspective. Including health & nutrition.
I started going back to the basics of biochemistry to better understand nutrition. I also started listening to experts in the fields of alternative medicine and holistic nutrition (many of them I had previously considered quacks and simply dismissed without taking the time to listen).

It was shocking to me to discover all the existing scientific evidence about alternative approaches that was never presented to me in dietetic school.

I felt betrayed at first but then empowered to make a difference.

That’s when things started going downhills with my health. I had brought back an unwanted souvenir from South America: a parasite. And post-infectious IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). And then FODMAP intolerance and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

After months of being sick, I finally figured out a natural and holistic protocol to heal my gut. 

Inspired to help more people struggling with digestive issues, I decided to take on the project to write a book to share everything I had learned, including the protocol I had developed. Digestive Health with REAL Food was born.

The (too long) period of time I experienced digestive issues remain a dark part of my life but I now know it happened for a reason. Healing myself naturally was a turning point in my life and I am forever grateful to now be able to help so many others suffering with the same issues do the same so they can get their life back.


This is what I am the most passionate about! There is nothing I like more than hearing times and times again how the power of real food changes my clients’ life in unimaginable ways. 🙂

cropped-radicatanutrition1.jpgWhy Radicata Nutrition?

What does Radicata mean?

Radicata is latin for root because I truly believe that nutrition is the root of health!

This word also represents my approach very well because my goal is to find the root of your health issues because that’s best place we need to work on to start changing your health and your life for the better!

A few fun facts about me:

  • I love traveling, I am fluent en español and en français and after living as a digital nomad for a few years, I went back to my roots to live in my province of origin: Québec (Canada). 
  • I am a true chocolate addict (although I have learned to love the good healthier kind!).
  • I am a mom to a toddler and a momtrepreneur, which means that even though I seem relatively well put together (I try my best at least), I might actually still be wearing my pajama bottoms when we talk online via skype or when recording a webinar or videos. You’re absolutely welcome to do the same. 🙂


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Listen to my podcast Real Food Mamas

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My book & cookbook: Digestive Health with REAL Food

8 thoughts on “bio – Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, author

  • Just read an article you had written about the connection between gluten & many auto immune conditions . At the end of the article you list “autoimmune conditions” and have about 15 or 20. In that list you have left out the most common autoimmune condition associated with celiac disease and gluten which is SJOGRENS SYNDROME. It is also one of the most evasive and difficult to diagnose. It’s important that you include Sjögren’s in any of your articles concerning gluten, Celiac, and autoimmune conditions in general

  • Hi Aglaee,
    I just finished reading your book digestive health with real food and I’m planning on starting the elimination diet soon. I have a few questions before I begin tho. Can I eat canned sardines while on the elimination diet? I know aged meats are not on there and I’m not sure if canned sardines are included in that category. Also, can I take my vitamin d supplements as well cod liver oil and milk thistle? Those are my questions I hope you can answEr them soon 🙂 I enjoyed reading your book because I was Always afraid to do any of those diets since there was so many of them. I tried the aip and it didn’t quite do the trick. I have ezcema as well as some digestive discomfort and acne. It’s very frustrating because Ive been eating paleo for almost 2 years now and although my symptoms have improved they aren’t gone. I just want to be healthy already!

  • I just picked up your book from the library and I am so excited to dive into it. I am in my 4th year of Naturopathic Medical School and this book is a great reference! I intend to buy it and add it to my collection of books on digestive wellness. Thank you for putting all of it in a easy to read format and the appendix is amazing! I look forward to following your blog too!

  • I am so glad I found you. I am a RD and like you, I have recently discounted the standard recommendations for nutrition. My 11-year-old son was diagnosed with UC in June after months of doctor visits, weight loss and diarrhea. His GI Dr. told us there is really no diet that will help him heal, just take meds as prescribed. I just couldn’t believe that! I dove into researching, reading and trying to heal him through food. The only time he has been symptom free is with prednisone. When he weans off, symptoms return. We tried gluten-free and very little sugar over the summer, but it is just not enough. I know now that GF processed foods and other grains did not help at all. We are currently following the SCD diet and seeing some turn-around with that, little by little. It is just so frustrating to see him have to feel like he is missing out on so many “foods” (processed food that isn’t really food)! Our food system and what is recommended is so messed up. Someday he will see that this may have been a blessing for us all. I have been grain free with very little processed food for 4 months, and have noticed a huge change in my health. Constant canker sores that plagued me have healed, I have lost weight (without intending to) and my daily bloating is gone! I plan to look into your books. I have several already, but would love to expand our options. If you have any other recommendation specific to UC, I would love your advice!

    • Hi Shana,

      Thank you so much for your message and for trusting your gut with your son’s health!

      I think that you’re definitely on the right track and I humbly recommend my book of course. 😉 You might also be interested in looking in the books “The Paleo Approach” which is geared towards autoimmune conditions and backed up with lots of research as well as “The Loving Diet” who is taking another angle at the same topic.

      All the best to you and your son!


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