September 19, 2017

Radicata Nutrition Mastery Program

My mission is to work with dedicated women and lightworkers feeling like worrying about food, their body, and their health is lowering their vibe. I’m looking for women ready for true healing, transformation, and mastery desiring to:
  • boost their energy levels,
  • get rid of the bloat and other gut issues,
  • eliminate brain fog, headaches, and other annoying symptoms,
  • lower inflammation,
  • better manage an autoimmune condition,
  • balance hormones and blood sugars

… so that they can finally feel more at home in their earthly body and shine their own light more brightly into the world! ♥ 

The VIP Radicata Nutrition Mastery Program includes 3 months of premium 1:1 support, including:
  • tailored nutrition protocol customized supplement recommendations that I put together using a combination of science & intuition, 
  • daily communication / messaging during office hours where clients can 
    • send pictures of their food for instant feedback, 
    • ask any questions while at home or directly from the restaurant or grocery store, and
    • get the support they need to troubleshoot day-to-day problems. 
  • regular check-ins to ensure that no woman is left behind sabotaging herself! 
  • I also add a weekly dose of energy healing and even send gifts via snail mail to make it a very pampered, supported, and nourishing experience! 

The healing journey can be paved with conflicting advice, contradictory information, confusion, loneliness, restriction, hopelessness, and helplessness… 

Having a guide that walked this path before is like having a little light to illuminate your journey. A guide cannot walk the path for you but can help you get where you want to go a lot more quickly!

How do you want to feel? What does health mean to you?
Can you even remember how good it can feel to be in a healthy body?

Imagine for a minute how much more you could DO and BE
if you no longer felt held back by your health issues. 

It’s time for you to shine again!

Here’s an even more specific list of what my 3-month Radicata Nutrition Mastery Program includes:

  • Initial assessment (90 minutes)
    • full case review + analysis of your nutrition, health, and lifestyle
    • custom nutrition protocol
    • tailored supplement plan
  • Weekly calls (45 minutes)
    • for tweaking the protocol, coaching you through blocks, and accountability
  • Unlimited support (multiple times a week or even daily if you need it!)
    • texting via messenger or Whatsapp 
  • Weekly distance Reiki and energy healing (which you don’t even have to be present for!)
  • A truly holistic transformational experience ~ BODY ~ MIND ~ HEART ~ SOUL ~ 

And I even includes BIG BONUSES!!!!

  • Energy drawings (two! one before and one after)
  • Weekly intuitive oracle card reading
  • A copy of my book & cookbookDigestive Health with REAL Food
  • And a few extra gifts that I’ll pick just for you once I get to know you better!

My energy drawings allow me to intuitively pick up on any emotional and mental blocks that are keeping you stuck on your healing journey. You get TWO during our time together (one at the beginning and one at the end of our 3 months together).


Get a copy of each of my book “Digestive Health with REAL Food” (the blue one is like the gut health bible) and “Digestive Health with REAL Food: the cookbook” (that’s where you get lots of yummy gut-friendly recipes!)

I specialize in health issues like: 
  • gut health (IBS, SIBO, celiac disease, food intolerances, leaky gut…), 
  • autoimmune conditions
  • PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), 
  • blood sugar regulation (prediabetes, diabetes, or hypoglycemia), 
  • fatigue and low energy levels
  • overeating and emotional eating
  • poor body image, disordered eating, and eating disorders,
  • self-sabotage or the endless cycle between restrictive food rules <-> food rebellion!
  • fear of feeling and feeling disconnected from your body, 
  • lack of self-love,self-trust and self-care

I’m familiar with all kinds of diets like Paleo, AIP, vegetarian, low-fat, low-carb, etc… but I don’t prescribe diets to anyone. Rather, I help the women I work with find the foods and way of eating that work for their unique body. 

Everything I do includes healing of the physical body but also true transformation by also addressing the mental, emotional, and spiritual component of healing and raising our vibe! You can read more about my nutrition philosophy here.

What’s my part?

To participate in the Radicata Nutrition Mastery Package, you have to be ready to invest your energy and be ready to dig deeper to allow us to get to the root of your symptoms and habits. In terms of time investment, we’ll be meeting weekly for about 45-60 minutes. The financial investment is $3,333 USD for the full 3 months. Monthly payment plans are also available. 

What’s the next step? 

Let’s talk! 🙂 Let’s meet for an appetizer session (100% free!) so I can learn more about you, give you one key tip to unlock the next step of your healing journey, and chat to see whether you’re a good candidate for the Radicata Nutrition Mastery Program. Please note that I can only take a very limited number of VIP clients each month. Click here to apply for your appetizer session!
A bit more about me, Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD (full bio):
I have a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in the science of nutrition with 12+ years of experience as a registered dietitian, and I’m a published author of 3 books and cookbooks (Digestive Health with Real Food).
I’m also a self-love guide, an intuitive energy healer, an Energy Drawing Certified Practitioner, a Reiki Practitioner, and a spiritual warrior.
I healed my chronic gut issues, reversed my PCOS, balanced my hormones and blood sugars, beat my eating disorder, and learned how to feel at home in my body and nourished in my mind, heart, and soul using the tools I now share with my clients. 

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