March 4, 2014

fertility, pregnancy and babies!

Yes, it’s true! Although I had to take 5 pregnancy tests to really believe it at first, there’s no more doubt about it. I’m expecting a little miracle in September of 2014. This is a real blessing considering that I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) over 3 years ago and have been fearing ever since that I might not be able to have a family with my husband.

I’m very grateful that taking care of myself and balancing my hormones by eating a diet based on nutrient-rich and anti-inflammatory REAL Food and learning how to better manage my stress was enough to make my body a suitable baby-making factory.

You’ll find here a list of all the updates I make throughout my pregnancy.


And don’t miss out on the Real Food Mamas Podcast. 😉



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