March 4, 2014

digestive health

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  • Anybody who has applied or is applying the elimination diet can tell us about their experience? What kind of results you see? How long did you stay on it? What challenges have you faced or are you still facing? Thank you for sharing your experience

  • Hi,
    I have purchased your book (which is really great!) and am on day 3 of the elimination diet….which is likely a lot more aggressive than i need for my issues. that said i was diagnosed with SIBO and took the prescribed antibiotic, and then i never really stuck with a particular diet plan, other than trying to mostly avoid gluten, dairy and some fodmaps. so i think it came back (simply based on symptoms of bloating and gas). I recently finished a course of berberine and emulsified oregeno, which seemed to work. right now i feel like i’m going through a bit of die off, minor headaches, queasy gut, very mild nausea – none of which i had before i started on the herbal antibiotics. i’ve read a lot about the importance of replenishing good bacteria after doing this form of treatment, but i’ve also heard that probiotics and SIBO can be tricky. So i was wondering if you could give and opinion on soil based probiotics, specifically, Prescript-assist. Have you heard of it? It appears that it’s not the typical lacto and bifo based probiotic and i’m wondering if you have used it or can just offer any basic info about it and if/when to add it in.

    Thank you very much!


  • Hi rm,

    I’m so glad you’re already on your way to better digestive health. As far as probiotics are concerned, Prescript-Assist (soil-based) is one of my favorite one and I’ve had many SIBO clients tolerate it very well (although there are some exceptions). As to when to add it in, I usually prefer to experiment with probiotics during the reintro phase but you can try before if your symptoms have already improved significantly. Just go slow and gradual.

    Best of luck!


  • Thank you for your very quick response. I may likely want to give the intro diet two full weeks before adding the probiotic in, but i have two quick questions: 1) is the fact that prescript-assist contains a prebiotic an issue – in otherwords, is there another soil based probiotic that does not contain prebiotics that you would recommend as highly?, and 2) can you remove the contents of the capsules and put them in food or water in order to take a smaller dose?

    Thanks again… do great work from all i’ve seen and read.


  • ok, thanks for the info. i’ll give it a try eventually, but truthfully i prefer to get as much benefit as i can from food rather than supplements.

  • Aglaee,
    Thanks for your previous replies. I’ve been reading mixed things about prescript-assist, and even one blogger that thinks it’s flat out dangerous. he made three specific recommendations about single strains including Bifidobacteria longum, E. coli nissle, and Lactobacillus Plantarum. Can you give any opinion or thoughts on these? i know it’s all person specific, but curious what you think?
    Also, there’s a lot of talk about resistant starch, and i was wondering if you have an opinion of that strategy as it relates to SIBO.

    Thanks again!


  • Hi Agalee, is there a cure for FODMAP intolerance? Is it always caused by SIBO? I am tired of not being able to eat many vegetables 🙁

    • Hi Phil! I definitely think there is a way to improve your tolerance to FODMAP over time. I certainly was able to do it myself and have witnessed many of my clients / readers do the same. I suggest you have a look at my book if you haven’t already. While SIBO may be to blame, sometimes it might be another type of gut flora imbalance that needs to be corrected to allow you to eat FODMAP-containing foods again. Good luck!

      • Thankyou Agalee! 🙂 I will definitely take a look at your book. Another question if I may…do you eat coconut any more? I have heard conflicting reports about its FODMAP content. I’m somewhat addicted to coconut butter and shredded coconut and wonder if it may be causing me issues.

  • Hi Phil! Great, let me know what you think once you get my book. 😉 When I still had my digestive issues, I could not tolerate unsweetened shredded coconut, coconut milk or coconut butter. Coconut oil was fine though. Although the FODMAP content is not supposed to be that high, it was high enough to cause symptoms for me… so worth investigating for you.

  • Hello Aglaee, I am on day 10 of the elimination phase as outlined in your book. So far it is going very well except I am losing more weight than I want. I have lost 5 pounds so far. I started out thin already! I was very active and exercised 4-5 days a week before this but have taken the time off to relax, do yoga and rest. I feel like I am eating a lot of fat (about 2 T per meal, 4x/day) but should I add more? Thank you for any input. Also, congratulations on your baby boy, and thanks for sharing your birth story!

    • Hi Courtney,
      It’s hard for me to give recommendations without doing a full assessment but here are a few pointers. By the way, I’m really glad you took a break from exercising (make sure you keep it easy with the yoga too) and that you’re trying to eat a lot of fat. To prevent you from losing more weight, I’d take a look at your protein intake too. Are you eating enough protein throughout the day? You might also want to bump your fat intake a little bit more to up to 3 tsbp per meal or just add a few extra tbsp of fat between your meals to bump up your calorie intake. I hope this helps. 😉
      I also created a facebook group for people like you doing the DHwRF protocol if you are interested in joining:
      Keep going!

  • Hello. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and writing. I’m struggling with reintroducing foods. Currently I am eating only zucchini carrots and turnips with meat and fats daily. I am feeling perfectly fine wo grains nuts dairy etc as I have done wo them for years. I just struggling with severely rapid lbs gain (20) in a year even with rigid weigjig and measuring of food. I am just feeling like I cannot cut out anymore. I eat about 9oz meat daily with 7 tbsp coconut oil thrpught five meals and the formentioned veggies. I am just curious as I hear most lose weight but I have gained cutting out….any ideas. I am getting all my hormones tested. I am low on all free thyroids and testosterone.

    • Hi Jen, There are so many things that could potentially bring you weight issues. Your hormones, thyroid and others, are a good place to look at. I don’t know have a lot of information about you but it seems to me like you’re not eating a lot. I wonder if adding a little bit of carbohydrates from safe starches like roots and tubers and/or some fruits might be beneficial as it can help with the conversion of thyroid hormones into their active form. That might be something to try but I can’t offer more advice as it would require me to have a more in-depth analysis of your situation. You’re welcome to join my private online DHwRF community to ask the opinions and feedback of others doing the DHwRF protocol like you: 😉 See you there!

  • Hello! I came across your blog after trying to find what to do next about my SIBO…I just finished a round of rifaximin + metronidazole, and it didn’t really help me much at all (did help with BMs, but not with bloating). I am already following low FODMAPs. What do people typically recommend when a person has tried a course of antibiotics that haven’t been successful? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Sorry to hear that. Sometimes it can take a few rounds, sometimes herbal antimicrobials help, sometimes prokinetics are needed. There are many dietary strategies that I recommend for SIBO in my book: Hopefully you’re working with a qualified health practitioner. SIBO can be hard to treat so it’s really important to investigate what the root cause is and treat is as well.

      Best of luck,


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