September 7, 2017

Nourish Your Chakras ~ 8-week transformational healing program with Aglaée

Starting the week of Sept 18, 2017!!!

Do you feel tired and wired? 
How would grounded and nourished feel instead?

What would that mean for you in YOUR life?

The Nourish Your Chakras Program is a transformational healing journey to help you go from feeling tired and wired to feeling grounded and nourished. This chakra-based program is designed to heal your body from the inside out in a holistic way that goes beyond all the other “holistic” programs you’ve ever see out there!

Here’s what Nourish Your Chakras will do for you: 

  • Increase and stabilize your ENERGY levels
  • Improve your DIGESTION and say goodbye to BLOATING
  • Clear your SKIN and love looking at your own reflection in the mirror
  • Get rid of BRAIN FOG, THINK clearly, and boost your MEMORY
  • Lower systemic INFLAMMATION and dissolve CHRONIC DISEASES before they show up 
  • Feel better in your own skin than you ever have and FEEL LIKE YOURSELF AGAIN!

During those 8 weeks together, you’ll feel better than you have in a long time and you’ll become equipped with your own personalized tools to keep healing your body and your life from the inside out whenever you need to to nourish your chakras.

Do I need to be familiar with the chakra system?

Short answer: NOT AT ALL! 🙂

If you aren’t familiar with it, you might be wondering what the chakra system is exactly…?

The chakra system is an energetic way to look at how the physical (BODY), emotional (HEART), mental (MIND), and spiritual (SOUL) parts of your self all integrate together. This system is well established and it is estimated that it has been around for more than five thousand years (that’s just 4,900 years more than “modern” medicine, haha! 🙂 ). 

The chakra system is not “only” an esoteric or New Age thing!

By looking at it from a Western medicine perspective, you can see that each of them is connected to a specific nerve plexus (nerve connected your spine) and endocrine organ(s) (hormone-producing organs) of the body! 

How cool is that?
Another example of how East meets West at its best and
how ancient wisdom meets modern science.

We can use it for REAL, measurable SHIFTS HEALING
in your physical body & life.

Each of our 7 chakras is located along the spine and is associated with different organs, body systems, aspects of your life, limiting beliefs, and stuck stress. By using this structure, we can give each of your chakra, and therefore your whole body, a COMPLETE TUNE-UP. We can address current issues and prevent new ones before they even manifest in your body.

Now, THAT’s HOLISTIC in a way you’ve never experienced it!

The chart below can give you an idea of the different issues associated with each chakra:

  • 1st chakra = ROOT chakra (red and located at the base of your spine)
  • 2nd chakra = SACRAL chakra (orange and located at the level of your womb/ right below your belly button)
  • 3rd chakra = PLEXUS chakra (yellow and located at the level of your solar plexus)
  • 4th chakra =  HEART chakra (green and located at the level of your heart)
  • 5th chakra = THROAT chakra (blue and located at the level of your throat)
  • 6th chakra = THIRD EYE chakra (indigo and located between your eyes)
  • 7th chakra = CROWN chakra (purple or white and located at the crown of your head)

What does “Nourish Your Chakras” include?

  • Weekly TRANSFORMATIONAL classes focused on each chakra (attend live or watch the replay)
    • Classes are both INFORMATIVE + PRACTICAL… because you don’t need that more information,
      what you need is TRANSFORMATION… don’t you agree?
    • Nutrition and health focus every week
    • Healing rituals (short but mighty ones!) to add to your week
    • Quick & easy practices to align your chakras and get rid of your blocks
  • Weekly CATALYST group circle (for women only / recorded if you can’t attend)
  • Weekly Reiki and energy healing sessions (presence not required to benefit wherever
    you are in the world and whatever you are doing at the time of the session
  • Sisterhood of women on the same healing and growth journey!
  • Duration: 2 moons or 8 weeks (Sept 18 – Oct 11, 2017)
  • This is a LIVE program but recordings are also provided if you miss any class/circle! 🙂
  • Small group of 8-13 women with guaranteed weekly INDIVIDUAL attention from Aglaée!

Everything is online right from the comfort of your own home!

Your investment: the REGULAR price is $788 USD for the 8-week program… BUT:

  • use the coupon codeSTRESSDETOX” by Sunday, Sept 10 to save $200 USD!!!
  • and the coupon codeCHAKRAS” by Saturday, Sept 16 to save $100!!!  

Get your spot right here. They will go fast! 

What’s the plan?

Each week, we’ll focus on one specific chakra at all different levels (~body~mind~heart~soul~).

There will be a specific nutrition and health focus (some more general and some more tailored to your unique biology and life), a short but mighty healing ritual, a few extra practices of the week (quick & easy because this program is designed to NOT bring any extra stress to your life), and a energy healing session (which you do not have to be present for, so nothing to add to your calendar here! 🙂 ). 

The teaching transmission will be done via a live class (recordings are always available if you miss it or want to re-watch) at the beginning of the week and will be followed by an catalyst circle (online group call) later in the week where each and every woman will be given individual attention from Aglaée (different times will be offered so that everyone can make it / also recorded just in case!).

Here’s the overview of each week of the transformational + healing Nourish Your Chakras Program.

  • Week #1 = root chakra (bone health, colon, immune system, anxiety…)
  • Week #2 = sacral chakra (adrenal glands, female hormones, creativity, addictions…)
  • Week #3 = plexus chakra (stomach, pancreas, liver, self-confidence, doing too much vs procrastination…)
  • Week #4 =  heart chakra (heart, lungs, forgiveness, grief, compassion for others and yourself…)
  • Week #5 = throat chakra (thyroid, neck, jaws, expressing yourself authentically…)
  • Week #6  = third eye chakra (pituitary gland, intuition, balance between the left and the right brain…)
  • Week #7 = crown chakra (pineal gland, sleep, clear thinking, memory, trust, connection…)
  • Week #8! = Complete integration & alignment of all of your 7 physical chakras 🙂


The Nourish Your Chakras Program includes many bonuses such as my cookbook Digestive Health with REAL Food, complimentary energy drawings, a beautiful crystal chakra set, and many more (see below)!  Here’s the complete (long!) list: 

  • TWO complimentary energy drawings ~ one before and one after the program 
    (see details below ~ that’s $166+ USD value)!
  • Your personal copy of my own COOKBOOK Digestive Health with REAL Food: the cookbook  (see it here)
  • Your personal crystal chakra set + box delivered right to your home ~ a $50+ USD value! (picture below)

Get a FREE BONUS chakra crystal set with its beautiful wooden box!

  • Access to AJ (that’s me!) and at least 15 minutes a week of individual attention
    through the community and the weekly group calls 🙂 ~ a $250+ value!
  • Access to a community to ask your questions (to the group and AJ), get support and inspiration 
  • Weekly oracle card pulls for the group and each one of the amazing woman part of the group!

An energy drawing allows you to get a chakra reading session with Aglaée and a visual drawing of the state of your chakra system (read the amazing experience others have had with their energy drawings here).

See your chakras with Aglaée’s intuitive energy drawings (before AND after)!

The first one will be done at the beginning of the Nourish Your Chakras Program and the second one at the end of our 2 moons together so you can clearly see the shifts! >>> $166 USD extra value!

And my cookbook will give you plenty of healthy, nourishing, and gut-friendly recipes to support you and your taste buds on your healing journey! 

You’ll get a FREE BONUS copy of my cookbook Digestive Health with REAL Food. 😉


Ok, I’m in!

Get your spot right here. They will go fast! The REGULAR price is $788 USD for the 8-week program… BUT:

  • use the coupon codeSTRESSDETOX” by Sunday, Sept 10 to save $200 USD!!!
  • and the coupon codeCHAKRAS” by Saturday, Sept 16 to save $100!!!  

Claim your spot for $788 USD for the 8-week Nourish Your Chakras Program.

★ use the coupon code “STRESSDETOX” by Sunday, Sept 10 to save $200 USD!!!
★ or the coupon code “CHAKRAS” by Saturday, Sept 16 to save $100!!!

(p.s. the calendar will show you 8 days and times for the weekly classes but
you don’t need to be able to make it live as a recording will be available to you)

Who am I?

I’m Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, author (call me AJ). Here are some of my different hats:
★ non-diet dietitian (registered in both Canada and the US),
★ heart & soul nutritionist,
★ self-love guide,
★ author of the book & cookbook Digestive Health with Real Food,
★ former co-host of the podcast Real Food Mamas,
★ Reiki Practitioner Level 2,
★ Certified Energy Drawing Practitioner, and
★ founder of (Full bio here

I help women self-sabotaging with their food and health choices heal their body and life from the inside out so that they can feel like themselves again.

My mission is to help you nourish your chakras. I sincerely believe and KNOW that the more women ready to commit the self-love and healing, the better the world and entire planet will be. Are you ready to be part of the change? ♥♥♥

Do you have any question? Are you still wondering whether “Nourish Your Chakras” is right for you?

Message me right here on facebook or email me at

Nutritionally yours,

Aglaée (AJ) ♥♥♥

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