~ Nourish Your Roots ~ [6-week LIVE group program] ~ starting July 17!

Are you spinning your wheels when trying to eat and live more healthfully? Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to get started?  Or maybe you try to do everything at once and end up giving up? Over the 11+ years of experience I have working with clients as a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and[…]

I was using food as a BAND-AID for everything that wasn’t going well in my life.

It was all gone within few minutes. This whole bag of chocolate chips that I had planned to mindfully enjoy throughout the week was all gone. Food had become a BAND-AID for everything that wasn’t going well in my life (read how I broke free below…….!) I really wanted to learn moderation and how to[…]

Are you supplementing with band-aids?

Are these all the supplements you’ve tried so far?” I asked my new client while reviewing her intake form. She had been struggling with bloating, constipation, fatigue, an autoimmune condition, and many other annoying symptoms that had been consuming her in the last few years. “No, they’re all the ones I’m taking now, as recommended[…]

Sick of getting sick all the time? 15 tips to boost your immunity!

How often do you get sick? a) Is it 2-3 times a year? b) Every month?  c) Whenever someone around you is sick? If you answer anything more than once a year, you are definitely NOT alone… … but even though it is common to get sick often, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is normal. […]

The only multivitamin I ever take

Do you take a multi? I used to take one everyday… until I realized that a multi wasn’t doing anything that food couldn’t do and that some of the synthetic nutrients in the multi I was taking were actually NOT doing anything to improve my health. Personally, taking a daily multi left me anemic and[…]

15 Healthy Portable Snacks: pack nutrition & taste on the go!

Are you looking for ways to refuel while on the go? We live in a busy world and sometimes it isn’t always possible to eat at regular times or eat the best foods for us. This is where planning ahead can make a BIG difference. Stock up on at least 3-5 of the snack ideas below and keep[…]

Friday Food X-Ray: “Olive Oil” Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise… yum!  This creamy spread definitely brings comfort to many of our favorites, like sandwiches, dips and salad dressings. In the last few years, the food industry has been listening to health-conscious consumers looking for healthier versions of this timeless classic. Enters “Olive Oil” Mayonnaise. It sounds like a great idea. At first glance that is. Olive oil[…]

Counting calories is like adding your savings and debts together

It doesn’t tell you anything at all. Calories are not all equal and it took me a   v – e – r – y   long time to figure it out.  As a recently graduated registered dietitian & nutritionist, calories were my whole world. I knew how many calories were in every food and[…]

The missing ingredient in your breakfast

Breakfast is not what it used to be. Something went missing since the food companies took over our first meal of the day. Can you guess what it is? Think about some of the most common breakfasts: Typical Breakfast #1: breakfast cereals with milk, a banana and OJ Typical Breakfast #2: low-fat muffin + fruit-flavored yogurt Typical Breakfast[…]

How to have quick, healthy & tasty meals ready for the whole week (my favorite batch cooking tips!)

The secret is out: batch cooking will save your life! Here is what I try to do at the beginning of the week to have a lot of ready-to-eat foods to create tasty and balanced meals in a pinch. And I don’t even have to open a single cookbook or follow any kind of recipe![…]

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