3 tips to stop emotional eating (WITHOUT the typical “call a friend” or “take a bath”)

Emotional eating. Let’s talk about it. Do you eat your emotions? Do you want to eat when you feel angry, sad, depressed, tired, bored, disappointed, overwhelmed, underwhelmed…? Or even when you’re happy? Do you identify as an “emotional eater”? Here are my 3 favorite tips to help you put an end to this behavior that is not aligned[…]

I was SO SCARED of feeling.. and I used food to numb and distract myself from feeling for years…

I was so SCARED of FEELING and now feeling is the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL I use in my life.   I have used anything and everything to DISTRACT myself from feelings and NUMB my emotions. Food. Bingeing. Emotional eating. Overworking. Overexercising. Dieting. Counting my calories and tweaking my macros. Spending hours and hours searching for[…]

~ Nourish Your Roots ~ [6-week LIVE group program] ~ starting July 17!

Are you spinning your wheels when trying to eat and live more healthfully? Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to get started?  Or maybe you try to do everything at once and end up giving up? Over the 11+ years of experience I have working with clients as a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and[…]

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