January 15, 2016

FREE EBOOK: 7 quick, healthy & tasty lunches you can make while scrolling facebook!

Do you find yourself skipping lunch because
the hours fly by once you sit with your computer?

Are you trying to get as much work in as you can
between baby’s naptime and/or picking up your kids from school?

Or maybe you find yourself standing in the front of the fridge every hour? Whether you feel hungry, are looking for some comfort or simply can’t focus on your work?

Working from home and/or for yourself bring unique challenges…

I know because I’m right there with you!

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find the time to eat, let alone to get your grocery shopping done, prep your food and cook your meals… but there are shortcuts to ensure that you feed your body and brain right!

The 7 lunch ideas I share with you in this ebook all take less than 10 minutes to make and require fewer than 7 easy real food ingredients.

I guarantee you that eating one of these balanced lunches will help you:

  • avoid the common mid-afternoon energy crash around 3-4 pm,
  • boost your brain power and concentration for hours,
  • feel light, satiated and bloat-free all afternoon,
  • enhance your productivity and success in your business, and
  • bring your full potential to the world!

Get your free ebook here!

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Get your FREE ebook!

Eating lunch really makes a difference!

Here’s what Gina had to say about it:

”Hi Aglaée!
Thank you so much for this post.  I made the smoothie today, and felt awesome! Thank you, again, and looking forward to a week of better lunches!” – Gina

And Adrienne Dorison:

review Adrienne

Bon appétit!

Your no-nonsense real food RD & nutritionist,

p.s. Let me know how my 7 lunch ideas make you feel & send me a picture of your lunches!
(or tag me on instagram @radicatanutrition)!

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