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support & guidance from a non-conventional registered dietitian on your healing journey

Bloat-Free Forever

get rid of your bloat in a week!

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  • includes a 7-day meal plan
  • gluten-free & low-FODMAP
  • free recipes + grocery list
  • a week of free short video lessons to learn about gut health
  • a $97-value for FREE!
  • Ideal for those suffering with bloating and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
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Radicata Nutrition Transformation

holistic protocol for your health issues


  • Transform self-sabotage and toxic habits with food & your heaath
  • ...and finally feel nourished at all levels!
  • Ideal for gut issues, an autoimmune condition, PCOS, diabetes, low energy...
  • Feeling crazy around food, emotional eating...
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Whole Batch Syndrome

start healing your relationship with food

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  • 5 short video lessons sent to your inbox
  • includes the top 5 mistakes for those dealing with food issues
  • and 5 solutions to start breaking free of your food issues today!
  • Ideal for those ending up eating the whole batch of cookies, bag of chips, pint of ice cream... and wanting to STOP!
  • a $97-value for FREE!
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Aglaée (AJ) is a non-diet dietitian and heart & soul nutritionist and her mission is to help women feeling crazy and out of control with food finally find peace and freedom with food, their body, and the rest of their life!


What past clients have to say about working with Aglaée to heal their relationship with food

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