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Hi there!

My name is Aglaée and I am a no-nonsense REAL FOOD registered dietitian and nutritionist      (with 10+ years of experience!).

I also wrote and published 3 books & cookbooks and co-host the podcast Real Food Mamas.

I love coaching people to help them live their full potential by taking their nutrition and health to the next level.

Because I do not believe in the conventional nutritional dogma (after experiencing my own health issues with my digestion and hormones), I knew I had to start my own practice to ensure I could practice the holistic approach I developed to heal myself.

This is why I call myself a no-nonsense dietitian & nutritionist. I also like throwing real food in my title because my approach is, unlike that of many other practitioners out there, based on real food rather than calories, grams of fat or percentage of this or that.

I do not believe that there is a single approach that works for everyone. I don’t care about diet labels like paleo, primal, vegetarian, clean eating and all the other ones… like to keep things as simple (and tasty!) as possible in the kitchen.


Developing new recipes for you!

All I care about is helping you find the right way of eating for you. It usually involves getting rid of the processed food but I use my special art & science to help you figure out the rest. And most importantly, I guide you along the way to help you implement the health habits that will bring out your best self.

I would love to help you bring your full potential into this world by making sure your body and brain are working as well as they should because I truly believe the world would be a better place if we  could all be and feel healthier. I also sincerely believe that the environment and the planet can also greatly benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

cropped-radicatanutrition1.jpgWhy Radicata Nutrition?

What does Radicata mean?

Radicata is latin for root because I truly believe that nutrition is the root of health!

This word also represents my approach very well because my goal is to find the root of your health issues because that’s best place we need to work on to start changing your health and your life for the better!

A few fun facts about me:

  • I love traveling, I am fluent en español and en français and after living as a digital nomad for a few years, my family and I have recently been settling on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Pretending to be working with my son (who can work with a toddler on her lap?) while living la pura vida in Costa Rica last fall

  • I am a true chocolate addict (although I have learned to love the good healthier kind!).
  • I am a mom to a toddler and a momtrepreneur, which means that even though I seem relatively well put together (I try my best at least), I might actually still be wearing my pajama bottoms when we talk online via skype. You’re absolutely welcome to do the same. :)

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One thought on “About Aglaée & Radicata Nutrition

  1. Wonderful to read your ‘about youe=r Aglaee’ post. I trained as an Intensive Care nurse in England many years ago. I have always had a great interest in health & nutrition. Being diagnosed with PCOS in my early 30’s was very frustrating. Especially as the direction back then was a low fat, high carbs= healthy diet ! Not healthy for anyone but especially dangerous for ‘Cysters’.
    What nonsense it was, we all should know by now. My views on diet/nutrition are becoming rather more accepted these days. Though so may friends I know could be helped with their many and varied health issues if they would just change their diet. Was it Einstein that said something like, ‘the definition of insanity, is to continue doing something, though expecting a different result’. Apt quote for for so many people :-( Yvie Wagner

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